Extreme Ghostbusters headed to the Game Boy Color

Check out the first screenshots of and information for Light and Shadow Production's first GBC game.


Light and Shadow Production has announced that it will publish Extreme Ghostbusters for the Game Boy Color. Based upon the animated television show, Extreme Ghostbusters includes four playable characters including Kylie, Garett, Roland, and Eduardo. Each character has unique gameplay attributes and may be chosen at any point in the game. Set in New York City, players must use an arsenal of weapons to defeat and capture ghosts. There are night vision goggles, ghost traps, and paranormal activity counters. Special weapons such as laser pistols and proton guns are also included.

Extreme Ghostbusters reportedly displays 40 sprites at a time on the Game Boy Color. It includes 15 levels of gameplay, four bosses, and head-to-head multiplayer support. Extreme Ghostbusters for the Game Boy Color is currently scheduled for release in May.

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