Extreme-G 3 Preview

The futuristic cycle racer is coming to the GameCube, courtesy of Acclaim Studios Cheltenham.


Acclaim's Extreme-G series made its final console appearance on the Nintendo 64. So, it's fitting that, although the game will be a multiplatform title, it will also appear on the Nintendo GameCube. This latest installment will adhere to the essential concepts of the series, which consist of futuristic motorcycles, twisting tracks, and high-speed racing. The individual races in Extreme-G 3 will include 12 racers at one time, and using the power of the GameCube the action is guaranteed to be fast-paced, running at a blistering 60 frames per second. In fact, the bikes themselves will fly around the track at speeds of more than 700mph.

The racing environments will be more diverse in this latest version of the series. The game primarily features outdoor track environments, including ones based inside cavernous canyons and cluttered forests. The scale of the environments is also more imposing, when compared with the previous games. The vast environments and lengthy tracks in the game will dwarf the relatively small racers, giving the game a spacious look. Of course, as with the previous Extreme-G games, the tracks will distort and weave through the turns and contours of the organic environments, as players will race on various angles.

Acclaim's Cheltenham Studio is currently developing this latest game in the Extreme-G 3 series. The studio developed RC Revenge Pro and handled the port of Sega's Crazy Taxi for the Sony PlayStation 2. Racing games are relatively important to a console's early life, and Extreme-G3 should do well to cover the motorcycle racing subgenre, while at the same time reviving a seasoned series that is familiar to fans of Nintendo consoles.

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