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Fly a chopper that makes the AH-64D look like a broken blender


Extreme Assault

The attack helicopter and the battle tank: arch-rivals of the military world, destined to forever fight one another on the charred fields of umpteen computer simulations, both present and future. But this summer, Blue Byte Software offers these dysfunctional death craft a chance to reconcile their differences with Extreme Assault, a fast-paced action simulation which pits a futuristic chopper and a high-tech tank side by side in a grueling war against seemingly unbeatable odds.

Extreme Assault is action first and simulation second. The Sioux AH-23 Chopper and T1 Tank are unreal with their dense armor and devastating array of upgradable laser weaponry and missiles. Simple control mechanics and energy management ensure that Extreme Assault is easy to play, while staggeringly high resolution, high color 3-D visuals complete with light-sourced explosions, and transparent weapon effects will make even the most stalwart gamer gawk in silent reverence. The Sioux chopper looks especially good, with its flickering multicolored lights and blurred propeller. Luckily, you can control this beauty via either a first-person cockpit view or an external camera, where you can see it in all its glory.

Six huge areas of operation contain over 50 combat missions designed to test your combat mettle sooner than your patience or puzzle-solving skills. The assorted stages are multi-layered and very attractive; piloting the Sioux AH-23 through a canyon into a metallic tunnel and deep into the bowels of an underground alien base is just one example of Extreme Assault's vividly rich scenarios. The nearly two dozen enemy craft in Extreme Assault, whether they be automated gun turrets or rival combat choppers, are efficient and intelligent. Helicopters will weave away from your laser fire, returning the favor at the same time. Of course, if the computer's multiple difficulty settings aren't good enough for you, you'll be pleased to know that Extreme Assault features full four-player support, complete with multiplayer-specific combat arenas.

If you dig heavy duty death-dealing military machines, but aren't inclined to sift through hundreds of pages of documentation or use most every key on the keyboard to control your craft, then Extreme Assault may be just what you're looking for. Huge weapons, dozens of targets to train them on, beautiful scenarios ranging from frozen tundra to ancient ruins, and a rock-solid action team of state of the art chopper and tank will be yours with Extreme Assault.

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