Extraction 2 Update: The Latest On The Sequel To Netflix's Most Popular Original Movie

Director Sam Hargrave gives an update on the script and how he wants to raise the bar for action in the sequel.


Reaching 99 million homes over its first four weeks, Netflix's Extraction--which stars Thor actor Chris Hemsworth--is the most popular Netflix original movie of all time. So it makes sense that a sequel is currently in production. But many questions remain, like what the story will be--uhhh, if you saw the first movie you know what I'm talking about--and if COVID-19 will impact the proposal to begin filming on schedule later this year.

Director Sam Hargrave--who made his feature directorial debut with Extraction--explained to Collider that the team remains on schedule to film the sequel later this year, pending any adjustments due to COVID.

"That's kind of everyone's little caveat right now, but we're moving forward on it as if we're shooting in the fall," Hargrave said.

Avengers director Joe Russo, who wrote the script for the first Extraction, is penning the sequel as well. Hargrave said Russo is "finalizing" the script right now.

"We're all excited to read it. I've read different iterations, but I'm excited to read what he turns in. We're all looking forward to getting back in the saddle and hopefully bringing another action-packed adventure in the Extraction universe," he said.

The first Extraction had some epic set pieces featuring over-the-top action, including an 11-minute one-shot where Hargrave put his own life on the line, so how can he top things with the sequel? Hargrave said he's been thinking about this a lot. He said he walks through his home or around town envisioning a camera behind his eyes to help himself imagine shots for the movie.

"I'm always cataloguing and trying to get different, fun ways to capture action and different action set pieces that would be great. Joe and I talked a lot about that, pitched some ideas, bounced them around, and I'm just excited for the challenge," he said.

Also the interview, Hargrave said he's excited about the prospect of Extraction becoming a Marvel-style cinematic universe, which is not uncharted ground for Russo, of course. Hargrave said there is a "lot of opportunity" to build out future stories and movies for other characters, though Hargrave said he doesn't want to be greedy with his director duties. He said he'd like to be involved in any further spin-offs in some capacity, but he would welcome another director stepping in to provide their own vision and perspective.

You can check out the full interview at Collider.

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