Extraction 2 Starts Production, Chris Hemsworth Reveals On A Moving Train In The Snow

Filming on the sequel to one of Netflix's most popular movies ever has begun in Prague, the actor reveals.


Production has begun on Extraction 2, the sequel to one of Netflix's most popular original movies of all time. Star Chris Hemsworth made the announcement on Instagram from Prague, where the movie will be filmed, at least in part. Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave appear in the video on a moving train, which makes the announcement all the more eye-catching.

In his announcement, Hemsworth spoke about the change in scenery--the original film took place in the much brighter and warmer Bangladesh--and teased that his character, Rake, is still alive. The ending to the 2020 film seemed to suggest that Rake died, but apparently not.

"Two things are very different from the last film. One: very, very cold. Two: I'm alive. How? You'll have to find out," Hemsworth said.

"Tyler Rake lives!! How the f$&k is that possible you may ask?! You'll have to wait and see, stay tuned!!" Hemsworth said in the caption of his video.

Extraction 2 was officially announced in September this year, with Netflix confirming that Hargrave is returning to direct. The movie is produced by Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo through their ABGO banner. Joe Russo wrote the script for the sequel.

2020's Extraction is among the most popular Netflix original movies of all time, only surpassed by Bird Box and Red Notice in terms of total hours watched, according to Deadline.

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