Extraction 2 Netflix Trailer With Chris Hemsworth Has So Much Action

It looks like Extraction 2 will give us what we want: lots of action.


Extraction was one of Netflix's most popular original movies of all time, and the sequel will be here quite soon. A new trailer has been released, and it's the best one yet, setting up the story and teasing out some of the action to come.

Chris Hemsworth returns to play the mercenary Tyler Rake after his character was "clinically dead" after the events of the first movie. Rake is alive, and his next mission looks like a personal one, as the target he's been hired to rescue seems to be someone he knows. In terms of action, it looks like Extraction 2 will deliver in spades, as the trailer alone is stuffed with sequences that we can't wait to see more of. Check out the trailer below.

Just like the first movie, Extraction 2 will feature a "oner," which is a Hollywood term for a lengthy, uninterrupted shot. It will feature Hemsworth's character busting out of prison and punching people while on fire.

Extraction 2 releases on June 16 through Netflix. Director Sam Hargrave is back, as is writer Joe Russo (The Avengers). Joe and Anthony Russo's AGBO banner is producing Extraction 2.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who wrote the final Avengers movies, are executive producers on Extraction 2.

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