Extra part added to Sons of Starcraft

Director of Sons of Starcaft will together with Tasteless and Artosis do exclusive video Q&A on onGamers.


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Hi everyone,

Sons of Starcraft is currently being completed by Director Jeff Alejos. While we wait for the last remaining episode to be polished up, we wanted to let you know that we will be completing the series with 5th part: a video Q&A with questions from the community.

Participants in the Q&A will be Nick 'Tasteless' Plott & Dan 'Artosis' Stemkoski as well as Jeff Alejos. Nick and Dan will answer questions regarding their career, especially questions that arise now that everyone has seen the documentary. Jeff will answers questions regarding the movie and the challenges he faced getting it completed.

We will begin taking questions from the community when the 4th part of Sons of Starcraft has been published.

Original GamerThe very beginning of esports, Starcraft and professional esports commentating.
TastelessNick Plott drops out of college and move across the globe to pursue his Starcraft dreams. All is well until politics suddenly leaves him homeless and jobless, Nick now has to depend on friends he met through a computer game to survive in a foreign country.
ArtosisDan Stemkoski travels to the Mecca of esports for a three month trial position, his new job is to create content for a gaming website. With just three months to prove himself the clock is ticking, can he make his mark and stay in Korea?
Becoming TastosisAfter a lengthy battle to stay in Korea through poverty, disappointment and political infighting, Nick and Dan land a job at casting the GSL. With their future secured at the top of the esports food chain, they look back at the people and events that shaped their time and experiences in gaming.
EpilogueVideo Q&A with questions from the community. Nick and Dan will answer questions regarding their career and journey, Jeff will answer questions regarding Sons of Starcraft, being kickstarted and running into delays.

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