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Exploding Kittens Creator Launches Wordle-Style Word-Guessing Game With Hilarious Visual Clues

A fun new game called A Little Wordy is out now, but only for 30 days.


A new Wordle-style game has been announced, and it was created by the person behind the popular The Oatmeal webcomic and the board game Exploding Kittens.

Matthew Inman has announced a new game called A Little Wordy. For one month starting today, April 17, Inman will upload a word--and your task is to guess that word in as few tries as possible.

Players can use clues, but doing so cost points and brings down your score from a maximum of 30. In any event, there are 11 clue options, and they let you discover things like the first, second, or last letter, or the length of the word. Another option is to reveal the exact position of a letter or to find out what it rhymes with. There is also a "visual clue" that players can select to see a drawing that provides a hint.

Go play A Little Wordy here. The game will shut down in 30 days. If A Little Wordy isn't your jam, check out the gallery below to find some other games that you might be interested in.

A Little Wordy is the latest game of this type to pop up following the breakout success of Wordle, which was created by Josh Wardle. He sold it to The New York Times in 2022. Spotify acquired a Wordle-style music-guessing game called Heardle, but just announced plans to shut it down in May.

An Exploding Kittens mobile game is available now on Netflix Games, and a TV series about god and the devil as cats is expected to release in 2023.

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