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Exoprimal Seems To Be Finding An Audience With Xbox Game Pass

The game has surpassed 1 million players across all platforms.


Capcom has announced that Exoprimal has reached over 1 million players, and it seems Xbox Game Pass could have played a role in the game finding a large audience right away. To celebrate, players will receive a neat reward next month.

"To commemorate this milestone, a free Skywave skin will be included in the August 16 title update," the official Exoprimal account said on Twitter. "We're hard at work on improvements to the game based on player feedback. Thank you for your ongoing support!"

Exoprimal launched on July 14 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It was also included on Xbox Game Pass on release day, which likely led to the game finding an audience. Over on Reddit, user Illmatication said "I can't even lie, I wasn't excited for this game at all. The whole dinosaur concept felt kinda meh from the start. I decided to try it on Game Pass this weekend and now I have 15hrs played. By no means it's bad but it's not perfect either, but somehow it's"

User n080dy123 added, "Was really skeptical about this but installed it via [Gamepass] earlier and ended up losing the entire day playing it. Looking at its component parts it doesn't feel like it should work as well as it does but it just kinda... does?"

Xbox Game Pass has been a vehicle for players to give new IPs and games a chance. For a multiplayer game like Exoprimal, a healthy player base is important at launch. In 2021, Square Enix did something similar for its own multiplayer game, Outriders. The JRPG-inspired indie darling, Sea of Stars, is also coming to Xbox Game Pass on August 29, and it was recently announced that it's also being included in PlayStation Plus on the same day.

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