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Exoprimal Is Getting A Second Open Beta Right Before Launch

Capcom's dinosaur-filled shooter is getting one more test ahead of its July release.


Exoprimal is close to its release date, but Capcom is holding one more open beta test ahead of the game's July launch.

From June 16-18, players can dive into Exoprimal's second open beta, which will feature additional story missions not seen in the first test alongside 10 co-op missions. The test will feature various adjustments made to the game based on player feedback from the previous beta test.

News about a second open beta came as part of Capcom's showcase, where it additionally shared a new story trailer for Exoprimal, attempting to justify why players will be killing dinosaurs by the thousands as they rain from the sky. Players step into the role of Ace, who is flung forward in time to the year 2040 and forced to endure a never-ending series of "wargames" by the malevolent AI Leviathan. There, players will meet Garrett Synes, the creator of the exosuits players use for combat. In case things weren't wacky enough, the primary fuel of this dinosaur-infested future is something called Hi-Xol, which one character in the trailer states is a byproduct of time travel and reveals is "juiced" from the legions of time-traveling dinosaurs. Particularly nasty purple dinosaurs players will need to overcome, called Neosaurs, are "walking globs" of Hi-Xol material.

The showcase offered more details on how Exoprimal's core Dino Survival mode will operate. Completing missions in Dino Survival mode will advance the story and unlock more information about Leviathan's goals. It looks like Exoprimal won't be exclusively dino-slaying action, as Capcom teased there will be non-dinosaur boss battles as well, including one against a massive, spider-like exosuit. The latest footage additionally highlights how players can customize both the look and the performance of their chosen exosuit. Modules can be used to enhance skills and are earned by meeting certain challenges while playing, while skins can be equipped to customize exosuit appearances.

A new game mode called Savage Gauntlet, which will let players enjoy a "change of pace" from Dino Survival, was also revealed. According to Exoprimal's director, Takuro Hiraoka, Savage Gauntlet missions are built for five players and will change weekly, as teams of players compete for the fastest clear times. Hiraoka confirmed an additional exosuit variant called the Deadeye Alpha: Burst Fire, which will allow players to swap between a long-range, burst-fire rifle and a close-range shotgun will be coming post-launch. More details on both Savage Gauntlet and exosuit variants will be shared as part of Xbox's upcoming extended showcase on June 13.

Exoprimal arrives on July 14 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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