Exclusive Tex Atomic Big Bot Battles screenshots

Monolith releases new screens from its upcoming third-person mech combat game.


Monolith sent us a group of new screenshots from Tex Atomic Big Bot Battles today. Tex Atomic Big Bot Battles is a third-person mech game where players go head-to-head against opposing players in arena-style combat. There are two sets of six screenshots. One set was taken with the game running with the default settings on an average system, while the other shots were taken with the game running at the maximum display settings. Corresponding screenshots are taken at the same spot to show how the game looks with the different settings. Tex Atomic Big Bot Battles lets players take command of a large mech armed with varying weapons and fight other players online or against AI bots in a single-player campaign. Tex Atomic is a robot spokesman who oversees the matches and gives commentary on the action. There are four weight classes, and each weight class features three different mech models. Weapons range from energy beams to high-explosive rockets, and they produce different effects depending on the type used and the shields of the enemy. For more details on the game, read our extended Q&A with Monolith. Tex Atomic Big Bot Battles is scheduled for release later this year.

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