Exclusive: Shoot Knives From Your Fingers in This Demonic First-Person Shooter

Devil Daggers launches February 18.


PC-exclusive first-person shooter Devil Daggers arms players with versatile magic daggers in an arena filled with an endless number of demons. The upcoming game from developer Sorath will launch via Steam on February 18--check out GameSpot's exclusive gameplay footage in the embedded video below.

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Players can harvest demonic crystals to increase the power of the daggers, and use them as shot attacks or in a rapid fire fashion. Players can compete with friends via the game's leaderboard system in a bid to survive the longest. In addition, the game's movement system allows for circle strafing, bunny hopping, and dagger jumps.

Devil Daggers is "inspired by 1990s FPS and arcade games." The game is powered by a custom built engine and will support "hundreds" of flocking enemies that avoid each other, of which there will be 13 different types.

Devil Daggers will be $4.99/£3.99 at launch. The game will be released via Steam.

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Epilepsy warning!

Avatar image for ariel_g

My eyes... >.<

Avatar image for pikanoob

who the **** would pay for this? flash games from 2005 were higher resolution and had better mechanics

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Some things just should never be released.

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If there was ever a game worthy of the waning about games causing seizures this would be the one. This almost gave me vertigo lol.

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The sound design is particularly eerie. Playing this in the dead of night for many hours has got to lead to some sort of damage. Looks interesting if, like others have said, it has more levels and some sort of a story???

Avatar image for psn_m1nat3k

That hand definitely doesn't need to pulse, unless they were going to create this for red/green 3D glasses.

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It looks fun, but if it's just that single level high score type of thing, meh.

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Cocaine's one helluva drug...

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that looks fun.... for about 2 minutes when I realised thats' all there is to it LOL

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So this is the whole game?! I saw some videos of it a while back and thought they were showing the boss fights!

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So like A real Knives Chan the game huh????

Knives Chan ain't got nothing on this......don't dis Knives Chan.....sorry sir......

Was knives Chan consulted on this??????

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dont knock this game until you tried it while on psychedelics .

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@masscrack: how about some crack before playing it? :P

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He's just trying to feed cheetos to those poor monsters.

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Well that looks fun, hope comes to consoles. Probably be at least $5 more expensive if it does but I'd support it.

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ohhh man that clip gave me epileptic seizure 0_o

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what the heck I had to suffer through a 30 second ad to see this garbage?

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@syntaxkt: Even with adblock.

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If you would have shown this to me without any titles, I would've said it is a tech demo.

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This game is garbage.

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This game looks so dumb

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FPS Diablo 3, GR 90... ;)

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this game looks like it was made in under 48 hours in a game jam or something

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Seizure inducing..