Exclusive new Dungeon Siege bonus pack

New level for Microsoft's action-RPG is now available only on GameSpot.


GameSpot is pleased to announce the premiere of a brand new level for Microsoft's acclaimed action-RPG, Dungeon Siege. Starting today, fans of the game can download the new content from the link below or GameSpot DLX. The level will be available on the official Dungeon Siege Web site next week.

The new level was developed by Mad Doc, the creators of the Legends of Aranna expansion pack for Dungeon Siege, and is only compatible with computers running the Windows XP operating system.

The story picks up where Legends of Aranna left off, with players defending a human village from an attack from the Hassat, a race of feline mutants. The mission is simple: Reconcile the Hassat and the Humans, or perish. For more information on Dungeon Siege, check out our previous coverage.

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