Exclusive Desperados Screenshots

Infogrames sends us some exclusive screenshots from its upcoming cowboy strategy game.


Infogrames and Spellbound have sent us some new information on their upcoming cowboy strategy game Desperados. The squad-based tactical game takes place in the Wild West during the Civil War era. Players assume the role of John Cooper, a rugged and fearless cowboy hero, and command a small group of desperados in a hunt for the notorious outlaw El Diablo. The game features over 35 different civilians and animals, as well as 25 enemies with unique characteristics.

Cooper's team is made up of six unique characters. John Cooper is the leader of the team and has great survival skills. Sam is a demolition expert, Doc McCoy is a healer and a sharpshooter, and Kate O'Hara is a poker-playing vixen skilled at disguise. Sanchez is an ex-outlaw looking for revenge against El Diablo, and Mia Jung is a woman with a pet monkey and a quiver full of poisonous arrows. The plot of the game is advanced through a series of video cutscenes and dialog. Desperados will also support downloadable add-on missions.

Desperados is scheduled for release in early 2001. We'll have more information on the game as we get closer to the release date.

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