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Exclusive: Crunchyroll Games Launches Mobile JRPG Game Mitrasphere's English Version

It's out today: June 29.


Crunchyroll Games--Crunchyroll's game publishing arm that mostly focuses on mobile games--is launching the English version of Mitrasphere today, on June 29. Developed by Bank of Innovation, Mitrasphere is a mobile JRPG game with gacha mechanics. It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Mitrasphere was originally released in 2017, but only in Japan. It's very reminiscent of Granblue Fantasy, another JRPG gacha game, and SinoAlice, a JRPG game directed by Nier creator Yoko Taro. So if you like RPGs coupled with the whims of merciless RNG, Mitrasphere could be up your alley.

Set in a fantasy world, Mitrasphere's universe is split into two halves: one above the ocean sky and one underneath. Crystals called mitra rain down from the above world and "alter the lives of everyone and everything. Those that the crystals fall upon meet one of two fates: a life of endless riches, or inimitable suffering."

As the hero, you can choose between five classes: Swordsman, Guardian, Cleric, Archer, and Mage. Together, with other characters you encounter, you'll need to "overcome fate’s obstacles as you journey across the Mitrasphere in a resistance against the Heavens." You will meet individuals like Matlida, queen of a tribe of demi-humans, Poroshiri, a beast tribe member, and mysterious agents like the heavily-armored Dark Knight.

In addition to the main story component, co-op boss battles and raid events will be available. The devs have also promised plenty of "unique events" that will roll out regularly.

Having achieved 100,000 pre-registrants for the English version, you will also receive rewards, including 800 Sea Crystals, a 4-star Magic Device Heroic Upa, and a free special 10-pull with a guaranteed 4-star weapon.

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