Excitebike, Frogger jump onto Wii Shop

Nintendo Update: Iconic stunt racer, amphibian arise on console's online store, while DSi gets Bomberman, Electroplankton.

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November has thus far been a busy one for Nintendo's online stores. Last week, the Wii and DSi's online store saw eight new additions, ranging from such classics as Capcom's original Street Fighter added to the Virtual Console to Ubisoft's new portable action game Battle of Giants: Dragons - Bronze Edition. Though busy times continue into the second week of November, as 11 more games are now available for Wii and DS gamers.

Three new games have been added to WiiWare, two of which will probably be familiar to old-school Nintendo gamers. The publisher's Excitebike franchise sees a new addition in World Rally, a stunt racing game that accommodates up to four players for 1,000 Wii points ($10). Konami's Frogger Returns sees the Japanese publisher's iconic amphibian crossing more treacherous environments and is available for 500 Wii points ($5).

As for all-new properties, Stickmen Studios has released Dragon Master Spell Caster for WiiWare. The 500 Wii-point ($5) action game has players riding dragons across a story mode, and the game also accommodates competitive play for up to two.

Excitebike still gets big air.
Excitebike still gets big air.

Hudson's latest installment in its strategy action Bomberman franchise leads the DSiWare lineup this week. Available for 500 DSi points ($5), Bomberman Blitz lets up eight players compete through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to drop bombs, collect power-ups, and drop more bombs. Nintendo's music game Electroplankton sees five micro-installments added to the DSi's shop, each adding new sounds for 200 DSi points ($2) a piece.

Lastly, the Virtual Console is headlined by Sega's Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, a 500 Wii-point ($5) game. First released for the Master System, Wonder Boy III is a side-scrolling action platformer and serves as a direct sequel to Wonder Boy in Monster Land. Commodore's Cybernoid, originally released for the Commodore 64, is also 500 Wii points ($5) and sees players blasting their way through space levels as a futuristic spaceship.

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