Excellent New Humble Bundle Features Company of Heroes, Dawn of War Games

Pay what you want for a bunch of games from Relic Entertainment.


Alongside the ongoing Humble Nindie Bundle, a new Humble Weekly Bundle has launched featuring games from Relic Entertainment.

Being a Relic-only bundle, it's comprised almost exclusively of RTS games. You can pay any price for games like Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II. Beating the average price--a mere $4.47 at the time of this writing--gets you all of that and Company of Heroes 2 (plus an expansion), Dawn of War II: Retribution, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, the lone non-RTS in the bundle.

Company of Heroes 2
Company of Heroes 2

Paying $15 gets you everything above, as well as the Ardennes Assault expansion for Company of Heroes 2. Bump that figure up to $30 and you'll get a Relic t-shirt.

As always with Humble Bundles, you're allowed to divide up your money between the publisher, Humble, and charity. The charities this time around include Arts Umbrella, War Child UK, SpecialEffect, and WDC.

The full contents of this bundle follow below.

Pay any amount ($1 minimum for Steam keys):

Beat the average price:

Pay $15 or more:

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Avatar image for Liliroots

Uh why isnt their homeworld series in it? bums me out

Avatar image for blackothh

Already own all of those, which are excellent games, its a heck of a deal for 15

only complaint is that it should add the other dawn of war expansions to complete the game.....

Avatar image for higochumbo

Already got most of them, still purchased it. Got some games I had been after for some time, got some great games to gift to my friends... and well got CoH 2 in hopes that mods make them a great game. Blitzkrieg mods creators are working on a version for CoH2, so my hopes are high.

By the way, 15bucks for Ardennes Assault is just not worth it.

Avatar image for Freedomination

Almost makes me want to buy them again

Avatar image for Spartan-1657

Not a huge fan of RTS's, but I really enjoyed the Dawn of War games. This is a really good bundle.

Avatar image for Dav_id83

Just paid for the beat the average price and it's an awesome bundle I wanted the Dawn of War series as well was looking into buying it off steam which would of cost me around £20+, but got them all for £3.29 converted to UK sterling it's a steal I've had some great games of the Bundles and saved so much money.

Avatar image for bliciant

Please release dawn of war 3

Avatar image for 42316

@bliciant: That's all I want in my life, Dawn of War 3, why can't they just be nice!!! WHYYYY

Avatar image for MikeManiac61

I'm interested into some Rts, how good are the company of heroes?

Avatar image for anakvunky

@MikeManiac61: get it for its avg price, the ardenes assault dlc only get single player campaign, while COH2 excels on its multiplayer, or you just can play single player skirmish.

And it also had Dawn of War 1, which you must play it.

Avatar image for higochumbo

@MikeManiac61: The first one was a legendary game, and has some of the best mods out there. Definatelly one of the top 5 RTSs I've played in the past 15 years, if not ever. It's has one of the worst multiplayer lobbies out there though, and plenty of connection issues (made more severe by the lack of a reconnect option).

CoH 2 is closer to being a CoH1 expansion than an actual sequel, but it's a technically more updated game, so my hopes are that mods make it the perfect experience CoH could have been.

In any case, vanilla CoH 1 has one of the best single player campaigns I've ever played in any strategy game.

If you have none of those games, for 5 bucks it's one of the best bundles I've ever seen.

Avatar image for Freedomination

@MikeManiac61: Company of Heroes is unbelievably well made for the time it was made. it still plays, looks and sounds better than just about any other RTS. Company of Heroes 2 didn't really improve all that much on it, and some would say the changes they did make made the game worse. Personally i found it to be pretty much the same game with some different units.

It really rewards smart use of units, and since it is based on world war 2 you can pretty much figure out how different kind of weapons is supposed to be used without checking online for what the different unit counters are.

And for a bit of extra stuff and some rebalancing i'd reccomend the blitzkrieg mod

Avatar image for MrFreehuggs

@MikeManiac61: They're great, especially if you have an interest in WWII and at $5 they're must haves

Avatar image for chechak7

low price for great RTS games

Avatar image for alzate_bryan

can anyone tell me how to buy this bundle?

Avatar image for xantufrog

@alzate_bryan: follow the "a new Humble Weekly Bundle" link at the first line of the article, then
click the green "Pay what you want" button at the top right of the Humble Bundle page. Enter the desired donation value (and where you want the rest of the money to go), and pay. It will provide you with a receipt and redemption codes for Steam keys (as well as some instructions on how to redeem [not super clear instructions, though, IMO, but it's easy])

Avatar image for Karmazyn

Warhammer games any good?

Avatar image for anakvunky

@Karmazyn: Dawn of War 1 is the better one for RTS, while the 2nd installment is like hmm more straightforward action. But you wont get any better warhammer 40K games other that this.

Avatar image for Zorlac

@Karmazyn: Dawn of War 2 and it's expansions are some of my favorite RTS games ever. The story mode is awesome in all of them.

Avatar image for Karmazyn

@Zorlac@Karmazyn: thanks, I might give it a go, I like rts games

Avatar image for Mogan

@Karmazyn: If you like RTS games, very.

Avatar image for Nodashi

Damn, if I didn't have all but Ardennes already... :/

Avatar image for DarkLight748

That is a matter of opinion.

Avatar image for xantufrog

Hm, tempting. Haven't played the CoH games yet

Avatar image for mrblondex

@xantufrog: They're excellent. If you don't have time to play everything, I'd jump right to 2; it's not dramatically different, just a more refined version with some new wrinkles (like sinking tanks and other units by destroying the ice they're on, which never gets old).

Avatar image for Delston

@xantufrog: Get it. I've only played the first, but it's quite good.

Avatar image for Black_Hand_313

@Delston@xantufrog: Same here, the first game was great if you're into RTS. I played the beta for Company of Heroes 2 online also, it was pretty fun

Avatar image for Kisalon

kinda sucks when you own it all :P

Avatar image for torrne667

Best humble bundle yet!!

Avatar image for anakvunky

@torrne667: No it isnt. Because I already have all of it.... damn relic...

Avatar image for Daveof89

@torrne667: Wrong.... the star wars bundle a few months ago was friggin amazing ;)