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Excavated Atari Games Going For Up To $500 On Ebay

Owning a piece of history will cost you.

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Some of the thousands of copies of various Atari games dug out of a New Mexico landfill earlier this year are now being auctioned off on eBay, with asking prices as high as $500.

The city of Alamogordo, New Mexico--the location of the famous "Atari Dump"--is now selling copies of E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial, Asteroids, Defender, Warlords, and Missile Command on eBay through the Tularosa Basin Historical Society.

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The marquee offering is E.T, the failed video game tie-in for Steven Spielberg's 1982 theatrical hit. eBay listings for E.T. are already seeing asking prices as high as $500 or more. Should you win an auction for E.T., or any of the other excavated games, you'll receive a certificate of authenticity and a property tag. You'll also get a pamphlet with photos from 1983 and the dig earlier this year.

Following the initial auction wave, an additional 70 copies of E.T. will be sold through future eBay auctions. "Then that is it. This will never occur again," the city writes.

Head over to this eBay page to see everything up for auction from the Atari dig.

In addition to the auction, Alamogordo is giving away copies of the excavated games to museums around the world. A deeper dive into the Atari landfill dig will be chronicled in upcoming documentary Atari: Game Over, which was produced by Xbox and will debut on November 20.

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