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Ex-Witcher, Silent Hill, F.E.A.R. devs reveal open-world gothic psychological FPS

Edgar Allan Poe-inspired "Death In Candlewood" seeking $60,000 on Kickstarter.

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A new studio founded by former Witcher, Silent Hill, and F.E.A.R. developers, Rosebud Games, today announced a new "gothic psychological FPS" called Death In Candlewood.

The Spanish developer is seeking $60,000 on Kickstarter to get the game made. Right now, funding stands at $370 from 23 backers.

Death In Candlewood is an open-world game that is inspired by the works of American author Edgar Allan Poe. Described as a "love story between the living and the dead," the game is set in the "darkest corners" of 1940s America, somewhere in the Northeast.

Death In Candlewood takes place over the course of a single night in the life of Ray Dune, a doctor whose relationship with a "reclusive psychiatrist" named Lester Caravan becomes deadly. Dune's son disappears, and he sets off into the Candlewood Mountains to not only save his son, but also himself.

Rosebud Games says Death In Candlewood is "not a traditional FPS." Its world is described as "expansive," spanning over 1,000 navigable buildings and a total world size of 6km². You can either walk through the world on foot, drive cars, or swim. The developer also says you'll get to use "uncommon" weapons and battle "uncommon" enemies.

Death In Candlewood is expected to launch sometime in 2015 for PC. You can see the game in action via the Kickstarter campaign trailer below. BioShock environment lead Jay Kyburz is providing consulting work for the game.

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