Ex-Mafia dev shows off next-gen RPG

Daniel Vavra and new shop Warhorse Studios offer glimpse of unannounced next-gen medieval RPG due in 2014/15.


There has been much talk of what kind of power the next generation of consoles could hold, with GameStop CEO Paul Raines predicting these machines will provide "unbelievable new capabilities" for rendering and speed, among other things. Now, former Mafia developer Daniel Vavra has given a glimpse into what these new machines may be capable of.

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Vavra heads up the Czech Republic-based Warhorse Studios and recently provided a video demonstration of what the company's unannounced medieval role-playing game is capable of. The video is embedded below and the game is due in either 2014 or 2015.

Vavra clarified on Twitter that the demo was running on an "old notebook" with a Nvidia 555M graphics card.

According to Eurogamer (via Eurogamer Czech), the environments in the demo were built on a modified version of CryEngine 3, with the rest of the scenery only a small example of what the technology can achieve.

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