Ex-FASA exec founds new studio

Jordan Weisman sets up Smith & Tinker in Seattle, grabs licences for former FASA games such as MechWarrior.


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Internal Microsoft development house FASA Studio was closed down in September after completing the disappointing first-person shooter Shadowrun. Approximately half the staff was "redeployed" to other Microsoft studios, whilst the other half left the company.

Jordan Weisman, formerly creative director at Microsoft and contributor to a number of FASA games, has now launched a new studio called Smith & Tinker, and has bought the rights to FASA's IP.

An announcement on Smith & Tinker's official Web site proclaims that the company has bought the electronic entertainment rights from Microsoft for MechWarrior, Shadowrun, Crimson Skies, and other FASA games. However, it remains coy about what it plans to do with these IPs. "We're not quite ready to announce our plans for each property, but please be assured our goal is to surprise and delight old fans, while welcoming new fans into these fantastic worlds."

The new company's mission statement says that its aim is to "create connected entertainment products that move seamlessly back and forth from online to offline."

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Shadowrun should have been a single player rpg. Wasted opportunity there. Loved Crimson Skies, would love to see it again. Mechwarrior needs a better story but definitely a fun game.

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Fasa Rocks, F Microsoft

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Mechassault was a good game, but it would take a VAST overhault in terms of gameplay as well as graphics to please a modern gamer. Frankly, I don't see that happening without MS backing the project. Anyway, right now I'm more interested in seeing a sequel to games like Breakdown, Psychonauts and Assassin's Creed

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MechWarriors was so fun. I hate you Microsoft.

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I miss Mechassault. I had the 2nd one, but had to get rid of it because it wasn't backwards compatible when I traded my xbox for a 360. It was better than Halo 2, in my opinion. Not Halo, but Halo 2.

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critics are getting to picky these days, When has FASA not made a game where the real players gave it a better score or thought it was under appreciated. Fasa rocks,

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Yay the man who brought us Mechwarrior 2 owns the licence once more

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MechWarrior should be a massive simulator. Who wouldn't love to actual sit in a huge robot armed with heavy weapons and perhaps a jet on the back? And I mean, no 3rd-person-view, all through the front window and a HUD integrated into the screen and/or framework. Of course like a First Person Shooter, but make it massive with huge heavy robots and important teamwork, however also a kinda of Last Mech Standing Deathmatch would be awesome. But also teams and/or squads and things like that, with objectives which need teamwork to actual work out. All the damage should be realistic, being able to unlock upgrades and buy stuff for points or something. Kind of being a soldier inside a gigantic robot-suit of course! I wish the game was already there... :(

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These MechAssault games are absolutely atrocious. The energetic and strategic simulation of controlling a Mech turned in to boring arcade style. Picking up glowing packs on the ground suddenly makes a Mech stronger? WT#? If there is going to be a new Mechwarrior, then do it right. Bring Mechwarrior 2 back to life. Stunning cinematics for its time and a legendary soundtrack. The battletech universe became widely known since the release of said game. And the plot was mindblowing. I use to play the game in the dark (not trying to be a freak - but getting the epic feel of the game) with high-powered speakers full blast playing the game not once, but many times. All due respect towards the first Mechwarrior installment, that brought the franchise to life. That, itself, was groundbreaking and revolutionary in the gaming industry. NOW Mr Jordan Weisman has claimed back his trophies! Hope, people! Hope! -one hell of a crazy fan

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I loved Shadowrun.

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The only way is up.

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Woo! go smith & Tinker! i love shadowrun. i love mechassault. crimson skys was awsome to. i still dont understand why shadowrun was such a failure. it rocks

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I miss Mechwarrior, that was the game that got really got me into PC gaming and has never dissapointed me... I'd love to see a Mechwarrior 5 or possibly an MMO based on the Mechwarrior universe.

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Too bad shadowrun had such a bad reception. the game was great. I played the hell out of it. I think it was a combination of lack of marketing/hype, heavy competition in the FPS world this year, and the lack of a single player mode (didn't bother me much).

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Actually, theres was a mechwarrior type mmo years ago. It was being produced by sony, and if memory serves was called "BT3025 Online" I remember beta testing it, but it never made it, was cancelled in the last stage. Can't remember why it was cancelled though.

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"DonutTrooper I honestly don't know why there was so much Shadowrun bashing. It was the game I played through the summer (because there never freakin' ARE any games released in the summer), and I have to fairly say: It wasn't a bad game, it just wasn't a GREAT game." Why? Why bash a game that turned a traditional RPG into a FPS? That is the reason right there. Because as I have said before there are TONS of old school Shadowrun fans who feels that the FPS versin of Shadowrun was a joke and a huge let down. They should have made a huge RPG out of Shadowrun. It would be like making Mechwarrior into an RPG. Which would be LAME. Oh and it was poorly made too.

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MechWarrior! MexhWarrior! MechWarrior!

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MECHWARRIOR 5! Puuhhhleeaaazeee!!

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Yes! Now I just hope they do a PC Crimson Skies sequel.

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OH sweet lord almighty!. There is hope for Shadowrun and Mechwarrior yet! We might actually see decent followups to true classics and not cheap rip-offs.

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I like the name Smith and Tinker and the robot in the logo. I hope this studio hold up and makes some winners like how the company explains.

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I honestly don't know why there was so much Shadowrun bashing. It was the game I played through the summer (because there never freakin' ARE any games released in the summer), and I have to fairly say: It wasn't a bad game, it just wasn't a GREAT game.

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"neonsuperstar Please make mechwarrior 5... i want it to be like grand theft auto, where you can free roam around cities, keep 3 mechs in your garage, etc etc etc." This is is actually the best Mechwarrior idea I have heard here. Add a four person Co-Op mode and you have a real winner idea. I like the idea of being able to get out of the Mech's and roam the city to interact with the inhabitants of the world GTA style. Mmmm, sandbox style Mechwarrior with missions. NO MMO!!!!!!! I am so damn tired of MMO's. I don't want to have to game with morons anymore!!!

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Please make mechwarrior 5... i want it to be like grand theft auto, where you can free roam around cities, keep 3 mechs in your garage, etc etc etc.

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YES!!! , Mechwarrior FTW!!. Hopefully its made for the PC not "stupid-ed" down for the console numbskulls. PS. Why does the dissapointment link point to the PC version when Shadowrun is a console failure. Game "Anti-PC" Spot.

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Stupendous!, Finally, we may get a proper Shadowrun title, and hopefully nothing like that last piece trash stamped with the Shadowrun name.

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Bring on the online Mechwarrior :D ooh maybe even a Mechwarrior MMO :shock:

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The PC crimson skies was bloody fantastic.

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MECHWARRIOR 5 on the PC......where it BELONGS!!!!!!! Lancer VI

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shadow run was terrible, and crimson skies was even worse. want a good flying shooter? get warhawk or ace combat 6, both are way way better.

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Mechwarrior, Crimson Skies! 8)

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I've been crying since MW5 was canceled. Give us MechWarrior 5!

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gib new mechassult! >.> or a mech MMO LOL XD

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I want a new mech game.

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Bring me Mech 5, And Mechcommander 3. I need my shadowcat.

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I agree with Subrosian. Especially the part about Fallout :(

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I always love MechWarrior and Crimson Skies. I hope they can make great new Mech and Crimson Skies games.

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NO MORE SHADOWRUN FPS. Shadowrun is NOT A SHOOTER GAME. It is an RPG. Pencil and paper? See? Books? Get it? We ORIGINAL Shadowrun fans feel like we got screwed by that piece of steaming cow dung of a FPS they called Shadowrun. It LOOKED like Shadowrun, a little bit, but in reality, it is NOTHING like it, AT ALL. SO DOWN WITH THE FPS, UP WITH AN REAL SHADOWRUN RPG. I miss decking!!!!

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i really like shadowrun. its too bad it got so ripped on because i still pick it over gears and even cod4 nowadays

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This is great news for anyone who has ever liked any FASA IP Jordan Created FASA He wrote the original tabletop games He then sold the company to MS and was taken on board as a creative director Then around 2001 he left MS to start Wizkids, a new tabletop company centered on making games for younger kids (Mageknight Heroclix) Which was very profitable (i worked there for a bit) then on 03 he sold that to Topps This should mean those old IPs should get some of the old feel back.

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FASA - ruining the series you loved as a kid in *brave new ways* Smith & Tinker - new logo, same agenda. - What's next? A 3D Fallout with a real-time battle system, and Oblivion-esque gameplay?

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Outside of MechWarrior it's like they've founded a studio where the only thing that isn't mediocre is the logo. Why not load the whole studio up on the planes from Crimson Skies, use Shadowrun's magic to open a portal, and fly the whole thing straight into Chapter 11? I give it 18 months.

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go shadowrun.

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I'm with everyone else here about being psyched at the idea of a new mechwarrior. I also like the idea of a "independent" developer making new games. I think if history as taught us anything its that start ups tend to make better games because they don't have a big name to rely on

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Oh this is great news. I've been itching for a new Mechwarrior game for a long time now. I hope they make it more realistic and simulation style.

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Hmm those were some descent series, will be interesting to see what will be done with them.

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NEW shadowrun maps plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. or maybe a better version of shadowrun wit better graphics and more game types that would be cool

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Wow, I am gitty just thinking about a possible new Mechwarrior. good luck to them and I cant wait to see what they bring to the table.

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shadow run was a fun game i like how it got them closed, sure it was underdeveloped but it was fun. and very different.