Ex-Fable Devs Reveal Their New Stardew Valley-Like Project

A group of Lionhead veterans announce a new 2D sandbox RPG.


A group of former Lionhead developers who worked on the Fable series have revealed their newest project, Kynseed.

Described as "a whimsical sandbox adventure," Kynseed is a persistent 2D RPG in which players "make choices that impact generations to come." Like the popular farming sim Stardew Valley, players can spend their days harvesting crops and raising livestock, or managing their own apothecary or tavern. Each character you encounter in the game remembers your deeds (and misdeeds) and will eventually age and pass on. When your own avatar dies, you take control of your children and continue your story through successive generations.

Lionhead, the developer responsible for the Fable series, was shut down by Microsoft last March, following the cancellation of Fable Legends. After the studio's closure, a group of its former developers went on to found PixelCount. Kynseed marks the studio's first independent venture and is estimated to launch in December 2018.

PixelCount is raising funds for Kynseed's development through Kickstarter. The studio's goal is $38,850; at the time of writing, the campaign has raised over $14,000. Kynseed is currently in the works for PC, though the developers have included a stretch goal to also bring it to consoles. You can download a free prototype of the game from its Kickstarter page.

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