Ex-Ensemble devs working on new Microsoft project

Robot Entertainment announces new projects in the works--one to be published by former corporate masters.


When Ensemble Studios was shut down by owner Microsoft in September 2008, its staff splintered into several startup studios, including Windstorm and Bonfire. Now one of those spin-offs, Robot Entertainment, is making a new project for its former corporate masters.

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On its official Web site, the nascent studio declared that "Robot Entertainment is currently hard at work on a new game. This game will be published by Microsoft Game Studios. Additional details have not yet been announced." The company also announced it is working on a second project for an unidentified publisher.

Though the company is staying mum on the games' genres, there are some indicators as to what they might be. Ensemble specialized in the real-time strategy genre and published some highly rated titles in the sector, including Age of Empires and Age of Mythology. Its last project was Halo Wars, although it also worked on the stillborn $90 million Halo massively multiplayer project.

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