Evolve Getting Two New Free Maps

Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry will include new evacuation map campaign effects.

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2K Games has unveiled two new maps coming to cooperative shooter Evolve. Players will be able to play the maps in Hunt, Nest, and Rescue game modes through a custom match, evacuation campaign, or skirmish.

The first new map is called Broken Hill Mine, and features "a deep labyrinth of caves running below the surface." The network of caves will divide into three distinct areas; a rock quarry, another with a venom hound nest in it, and one with a large conveyor belt going through it.

The monster will be able to take short-cuts through the map by breaking through destructible entryways. Because the caves will have lot of small enclosed spaces, the map will encourage "a lot of stealth and close-quarters firefights." If the Hunters are winning the campaign, they will unlock shield drones on this map. If the Monster is in the lead, it will be able to destroy the mining drill to cause earthquakes which will cause the birds to fly off, serving as a means to deceive Hunters about its actual location.

The second new map is called Broken Hill Foundry and features a mix of open areas, corridors, and low ceilings. The map will see players traverse through a warehouse and out onto the streets. If the Hunters are winning, they will unlock supercharged jetpacks for this map. Should the Monster be in the lead, it will be able to destroy the foundry to empower its melee attacks.

Both maps will be available for free on the Xbox One from March 31, with the PC and PlayStation 4 versions to hit on April 30. More details on the maps will be shown at Evolve's Twitch channel this Friday at 3pm PDT.

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