Evolve Dev's New Game Wants You to Face Your Fears in VR

Face Your Fears puts players in different scenes based on people's phobias.


[UPDATE] We've updated the following story with screenshots of Face Your Fears.

Original story: Oculus announced multiple games for the Oculus Rift at its Connect 3 press conference, but it also talked about some experiences coming to Gear VR. Two of these come from Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios and release this month.

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Face Your Fears is a horror experience that has players experiencing such things as standing on the edge of a skyscraper while a giant robot climbs up the building towards you. It has multiple scenes, but aside from Skyscraper, only one other has been revealed so far. The Haunting has players standing in a child's bedroom that's haunted by a ghost.

Turtle Rock's other experience is called Other Worlds and has players experiencing what it's like to be inside a painting by artist Justin Cherry. There are several scenes that feature 360-degree panoramic views and 3D audio, and you can do things like meditate or listen to music while sitting in them.

Co-founder and design director Chris Ashton says that virtual reality "leverages a lot of what [Turtle Rock has] learned while making triple-A games for PC and console."

"[B]ut the possibilities here feel endless," he added. "We're breaking new ground and that's something that has always spoken to the soul of TRS."

Face Your Fears launches for Gear VR on October 31. A specific release date hasn't been announced for Other Worlds, but it's expected this month.

Also announced at Oculus Connect 3 were the release date and price for the Oculus Touch controllers. They cost $200, can be preordered on October 10, and release on December 6.

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