Evolution Skateboarding ships for the PS2

Konami announces that the PS2 version of its action-packed skateboarding game is now in stores.


Konami has announced that Evolution Skateboarding for the PS2 is now in stores. The game features eight professional skaters plus a number of hidden characters, including the star of the Metal Gear Solid series, Solid Snake. In keeping with the skater roster, levels in the game include locations inspired by Metal Gear Solid 2 and Konami's Castlevania series.

"This is truly an evolutionary step in extreme sports video games," said Justin Kubiak, product manager for Konami of America. "Evolution Skateboarding takes the best elements of the popular skateboarding genre and infuses them with the style of action-packed gameplay that only Konami can provide."

For more information on Evolution Skateboarding, check out our Metal Gear Solid 2 of the game. A Metal Gear Solid 2 version of the game is also in development and is currently scheduled for release on November 12.

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