Evo Shows Off New Ryuko And Satsuki Combos From Kill La Kill The Game: IF

What IF Satsuki had been Kill la Kill's protagonist?

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Now Playing: Kill la Kill The Game: IF - Anime Expo 2018 Gameplay Trailer

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At Anime Expo 2018, we learned the critically acclaimed 2013 anime Kill la Kill was being made into a video game called Kill la Kill the Game: IF. The game is being published by Arc System Works, developed by APlus Games, and scheduled for release next year. At Evo 2018, Arc System Works showcased a demo for Kill la Kill the Game: IF and further explained the arena-brawlers' mechanics and story.

Mechanically, IF plays like any other fighting game. Players can mash buttons to lash out with simplistic attacks or perform complex combos to pull off more powerful moves. Every movement in IF is a part of a multitiered rock-paper-scissors system--similar to Dead or Alive--forcing players to counter their opponents while covering for their own weaknesses.

In Kill la Kill the Game: IF, Blows can counter Break Attacks, which break Guards, which block Blows. However, Blows can also counter Evasion Attacks, which can catch Evade Actions, which can dodge Blows. There are two rock-paper-scissor systems at play, and players need to be mindful of both to succeed.

This rock-paper-scissors system extends to the game's clashing mechanic. If your opponent lashes at you with a Ketsui Burst special attack, you'll both engage in a verbal dispute called Ketsui Hyoumei Enzetsu. Provoke overcomes Abuse, which trumps Mock, which beats Provoke.

No new fighters were shown at Evo 2018--the demo solely focused on Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiruin. The presenters reiterated that IF is a retelling of Kill la Kill from Satsuki's perspective, before adding that Satsuki will take a new final form at the game's end. IF's story is written by Kazuki Nakashima, the screenwriter for the anime, and Arc System Works said the company is thinking about including an English dub in the final release of the game.

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A new build of the game is expected to be shown off at this year's Tokyo Game Show in September, but nothing has been confirmed. Kill la Kill the Game: IF is scheduled to launch for PS4 and PC in 2019.

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"What IF Satsuki had been Kill la Kill's protagonist?"

I really love Satsuki, she should have been the real protagonist from the start and all we got was an amateur little sister who couldn't hold a candle. Seriously, Satsuki was wasted!

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