Evo: League Of Legends Studio Working On Fighting Game

Evo starts with a Riot.


The Evo Championship is where the best players show their skills at fighting games, but this year the show opened with a new game announcement. Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends and its associated tournaments, is working on a fighting game.

The new game is coming from Radiant Entertainment, which Riot acquired in 2016. At the moment, Riot isn't saying when the game will be coming--other than to warn fans not to expect it too quickly. "We'll be in touch; not soon, but someday," said Radiant's Tom Cannon.

At the moment, Riot isn't even saying what the game is. It recognizes that players are assuming it's a fighting game based on League, which already has a deep roster of characters, but hasn't indicated whether it will leverage the popularity of League characters for a fighting game.. It also may not necessarily a follow-up to Rising Thunder, the fighting game that was scuttled when Riot acquired Radiant.

Evo will run throughout the weekend, showcasing high-level fighting game play for some of the current greatest technical fighters. Planned tourneys include Mortal Kombat 11, Smash Bros. Ultimate, Street Fighter V, Samurai Shodown, and more.

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