EVO 2015 Game Lineup Announced

Event will run from July 17-19 this year; nine fighting games confirmed in the lineup.


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The game line-up for this year's iteration of annual fighting game tournament Evolution Championship Series was announced today. Speaking on a live stream hosted by Mike Ross, EVO tournament organiser Joey "MrWizard" Cuellar revealed the games which will be present at the event.

The list includes:

The event marks the first time Tekken 7 will be making its global tournament debut, and it will be played on arcade machines. The event itself will run from July 17-19 at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Last year's EVO drew competitors from around the world, pulling almost 2,000 entrants for Ultra Street Fighter IV, the event's most popular game. Registrations for this year's EVO will be open "very soon."

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Avatar image for g1rldraco7

Good choice of fighting games, I plan on going to EVO this year :)

Avatar image for PyreofKoL

God I've love to go to one of these. I need to make sure I catch GS's streams this year.

Avatar image for Gary_Stanton

Daigo needs to make a comeback this year. People are saying he's washed up after last Evo.

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

USF4 is always interesting. You never know who is going to take it. I'll be rooting for PR Rog though. His Boxer is pretty awesome. Unless a T Hawk or E Honda gets in there. Then I'll be rooting for those guys.

Avatar image for crazynotstupid

<< LINK REMOVED >> Aren't those 2 guys like bottom tier ? I haven't checked USF4 for a while though. But you're right. USF4 is too good a fighting game to miss at EVO even though I'm really a fan of MK.

Avatar image for crazynotstupid

MKX is all I really need, although I will watch USF4 as well. How come KOF 13 doesn't make the list ? I played KOF a lot as a kid and I'd watch it just for that nostalgic factor.

Avatar image for Darkmoone1

No Blazblue. :(

Avatar image for metalblinga

what a shitty lineup;

street fighter4: lame

marvel vs capcom: boring

TWO SMASH!!!? WTF? melee again? tt2 got cancelled last year because it was an "old game"... -_-, and we're not seeing it this year because it doesn't appeal to casuals and button mashers, obviously.

killer instinct: Yaaaaaawn

mk x: not a fan

and Tekken 7... sigh, might as well not even include it, the game looks rushed with only about 4 new(boring) characters and a messed up and restrictive juggle system. but it's the only 3d fighter so i might actually check it out on EVO.

Avatar image for Metamania

The fact that they caved in and gave Smash a spot or two is sickening. Smash Bros has always been a party brawler with items, NOT a fighting game. Big difference!

Avatar image for cip_raziel

Too bad no Skullgirls. Wonder why is that, too few characters maybe? Not being backed up be enough money?

Avatar image for onesiphorus

It is great that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will be in the lineup. It is a great game.

Avatar image for SoulScribe

Excited to see MKX and what evo players can do with limited exposure to the game.

Avatar image for gamerx614

Where is Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus?

Avatar image for StephenSays

Tekken 7...

But that is not fare.

Really Melee. Let it go guys.

Avatar image for iandizion713

We need a Dead or Alive tournament.

Avatar image for iandizion713

I need to get me some Smash Bros, so i can fight online.

Avatar image for bboymrmaestro

Ultimax and Xrd, my ArcSys senses are tingling!

Avatar image for yiggs

wooo get hype for tekken 7!!! hopefully Australia can be part of Road to Evo!

Avatar image for zorine


omg it's YIGGS! Love your Tekken plays man.

Avatar image for adsparky

I'll miss blazblue and king of fighters, but well, at least looks a pretty solid line up.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

I suppose that it is still too early to drop Melee entirely in favour of Smash for Wii U - or is there some other reason? Anyone who are in the EVO scene can say anything about this?

Avatar image for Gen007

<< LINK REMOVED >> It's not tournament proven yet and it will probably take awhile to see if it will be especially since brawl wasn't. Brawl was actually as you probbaly know a spectacular failure as far as competitive play goes. The FGC is def gonna take it's time adopting the new smash if at all.

Avatar image for Tiwill44

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm assuming Nintendo is sponsoring them, but another reason is probably that high-level Melee tournaments bring more hype and viewers than Sm4sh.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat


I suppose that you know who would be participating in the Melee and Wii U Smash segments, if you are mentioning phrases like "high-level"?

Also, I doubt that Nintendo would spend resources on an earlier version of Smash when it could promote the newer one.

Avatar image for Tiwill44

<< LINK REMOVED >> Well I don't know for sure, but it's safe to assume that Mew2King, Mango, HungryBox, Armada, PPMD, Zer0, Leffen, Axe and others are gonna be there. Those are Melee players but a few of them also play the Wii U version.

And I meant, Sm4sh is at EVO because Nintendo is sponsoring them, but Melee is there to stay, I think.