Evo 2011: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Past, Present, and Future

Capcom producer Ryota Niitsuma reveals a laundry list of new moves and character balancing for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in a panel at Evo 2011.


Who Was There: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 producer Ryota Niitsuma, MvC3 battle director Hidetoshi Ishizawa, translator David Crislip, and special advisor Seth Killian.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is getting a ton of tweaks over the vanilla version.
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is getting a ton of tweaks over the vanilla version.

What They Talked About: The well-attended panel's focus quickly shifted to an extended QA following technical difficulties playing a trailer for the recently announced Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Niitsuma and company fielded a truckload of questions typically focusing on character balancing or issues with the original MvC3. However, the panel took an intriguing turn when Killian pointed out that Niitsuma and Ishizawa had in their possession the complete list of changes for all the characters in UMvC3.

Niitsuma initially teased the crowd with a few bits of info on changes to Spider-Man and Dr. Doom. Spidey will now have a faster webswing, the ability to cancel out of his web-ball, webswing, and spider's sting attacks with other web-based moves, in addition to the ability to do more damage with his crawler assault special move based on a player's button mashing during the attack.

Dr. Doom's tweaks include additional damage from the photon array attack if a player mashes buttons, midair specials causing knockdowns, and more variations to his jumping attacks. Niitsuma also pointed out that mashing buttons to increase damage during special attacks was something that would apply to all characters. When news of the changes was met with a positive response, Niitsuma decide to drop a metric ton of info to the crowd on changes to the roster. A partial list is included below:

Captain America will gain a double jump.
Viewtiful Joe can dodge incoming attacks with a new move.
X-23 will be able to cancel out other character's air moves with one of her own.
Arthur will have more health.
Iron Man will lose his double jump but gain an air dash to cancel his air moves.
Amaterasu will be able to change weapons in midair.
C. Viper will gain a new, never-before-seen move.
Wesker will speed up when his sunglasses are broken.
Wolverine has a new claw attack similar to Chun Li's lightning kicks.
Chris will be able to cancel out of normal moves that use his gun by using special moves.
She Hulk will gain a new special move.
Shuma Gorath can absorb an opponent's hyper combo gauge by using a standard throw.
Super Skrull's meteor smash can be done in midair.
Storm will gain a new special move.
Spencer will gain a new move that is alluded to in the game's latest trailer.
Zero will be able to cancel moves into his max buster.
Sentinel will have slightly less health.
Thor's midair throw command will have a larger range.
Taskmaster will gain a new special move.
Dante's devil trigger will allow him to triple jump and air dash twice.
Deadpool will be able to cancel out of special moves by warping.
Dormmamu will be able to execute his dark spell and revelation attacks in midair.
Trish's midair max voltage attack will let her follow up with an attack on a downed opponent.
Tron will have the invincibility parameters of her assist move reduced but will now be able to perform her servbot launch three times in a row.
Haggar's crouching hard attack will be able to knock people down.
Hulk will gain a new charge move.
Phoenix will have even less health.
Felicia will be able to perform her delta kick in midair.
Magneto will gain a new special move.
Modok will be able to cancel out of moves in mid-jump by dashing.
Morrigan will gain a new move that allows her to absorb some of an opponent's hyper combo gauge.
Ryu will be powered up some and play very differently, courtesy of new moves.
Hsienko will gain more items to throw during her anki hou attack.
Akuma will have less health.
Chun Li will gain a new move that will be a new version of her spinning bird kick.

Quote: "Please don't try to steal it."--Marvel vs. Capcom 3 producer Ryota Niitsuma, referring to the document containing all the character balancing information.

Takeaway: From the sound of things, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be featuring a hefty number of changes that are sure to take its community for a ride on a roller coaster of emotions.

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Avatar image for Human-Pheonix

Leave it to Capcom to make a good game like Marvel vs Capcom 3 really crappy in some ways. Yu put the Second unoffical mascot of Capcom Ryu but yu don't put Megaman. Yu make the 1 of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe Phoenix into a weakling I'm insulted yu people did that I'm a X-men fan and yu did that. worst of all Leave it to capcom to make 3 differnt versions of a game and never make another installment. Like Street Fighter IV yu make 3 versions Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and yet yu don't make a Street Fighter V

Avatar image for true_hurdler

Lol at all you people "complaining"...you know you're still gonna buy it

Avatar image for OverkillAzault

why cant they just make MVC 4 instead of the same game with new characters ??? thats anuther $60 for the same game

Avatar image for freakyt_666

I demand Street Fighter Alpha 4, to this day Alpha 3 imo was on par with 3rd strike.

Avatar image for leeko_link

In this time and age you would think Capcom should know better and started working on giving us Street Fighter V, Marvel vs. Capcom 4, Capcom vs. SNK 3, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 2 instead of all these upgrades with minor tweaks of the same game but no it seem milking upgrades is still a big deal for them.

Avatar image for tagzskie

Seeing many people want megaman im sure Capcom use it as a triumph card in 3rd expansion! So be patient and wait for it just like arcade edition of sf 4

Avatar image for zaiwen

even wit additional 12 fighters & still no Mega Man? The thought that Capcom will decide to include him after UMvC3 is released as DLC is an insult Capcom should really change their habit of including a low # of characters upon releasing a fighting game that ends up having 2-3 editions wit additional characters & just focus on minor tweaks.. Its scary thinkin SF x Tekken will get the same treatment

Avatar image for stncldrwg

No Mega Man = Don't Care!

Avatar image for drangel_jam

PLEASE CAPCOM: STOP NERFING CHARACTERS HEALTH. There's enough TOD in the game. If anything, improve defense.

Avatar image for Scrotous

Release it as a DLC capcom or you can kiss my behinds.

Avatar image for S_Pac_316

Seems like a decent amount of tweaks...but I still want Mega-Man damn it! They should replace Virgil(a character that was leaked)with him! Who needs another DMC character?

Avatar image for DbzJohno

Marvel vs Capcom 3 : Past, Present, Future Past - Sucking every last dollar out of there devoted fans Present - Still sucking every last dollar out of there devoted fans Future - Going to suck every last dollar out of there devoted fans

Avatar image for slamdunk787

I payed for MVC3 Special Edition. I feel like an ass now. Thanks Capcom.

Avatar image for mfall121

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for vega13mv

meh, sold the original for $25, so it wont cost me too much to upgrade, and I'll probly get the PS3 version this time since i dont like the 360 control for fighting games

Avatar image for Black_Man85

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Past, Present, and Future Past: We wanted Mega Man X Present: We still want Mega Man X Future: I get the feeling we are still going to want Mega Man X.

Avatar image for capcom343

very interesting new moves but im getting a felling that the charachters are not going to be varied enough like mvc3,i hoped they would add more to nurture my needs i was hoping to see strider,beast,cyclopes,and other well known players mvc3 charachters were not a dissapointment as a matter of fact they were great but i just felt after playing with all the charachters on an mastered level i really was starting to get bored of using the same ones just a couple more would make this game even better

Avatar image for BK-Sleeper

So we find out that Capcom is having issues with their profits... ... and this is their solution?

Avatar image for Aero_Slasher

H.C. gauge sapping/absorption + health nerf + only able to do one aerial in the air = Phoenix dropping out of so many rotations. Also mashing buttons to increase power of hypers AND a sped up Wesker when his glasses are broken? Good god. Question is, will using Maximum Wesker alone be enough to trigger the speed boost?

Avatar image for stomponyahead

6 months after release. ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3: COMPLETE ADDITION. Just you wait.

Avatar image for Frame_Dragger

I'm sorry, but releasing what should be a PATCH for a game, mixed with a bit of year-end DLC (maybe 10 bucks?), as a new game is absurd. The balancing is an issue that others have mentioned, with the original game being unfinished. The expanded character roster hardly requires a new game, and could easily by monetized as DLC at a MUCH lower price-point. @Lucasrolender is completely correct... this is a serious money grab. @Dawg9000: Good point... don't buy it and maybe we'll set a precedent that this franchise won't accept this kind of milking. :D

Avatar image for Dawg9000

Also, everyone saying that this should've been expected from Capcom, I'd normally agree, but this isn't Street Fighter. This is the first "update" for Marvel.

Avatar image for Dawg9000

Adding new moves like that really isn't balancing, show's how obviously unfinished MVC3 was. Didn't even have a spectator mode. But this line right here brightened the crap out of my day. "Captain America will gain a double jump." Now I can play Cap like I did in MVC2! Cheesers beware!

Avatar image for deathblow3

dlc is overrated its a great way to milk a game you payed for & or put out a half done product. seeing as this is being released so fast i have to go with half done.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

I didn't realize they were just outright adding moves to so many characters. I'm even more excited now. And LOL at Sentinel's health getting nerfed again.

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

don't care

Avatar image for Lucasrolender

Whoa ... this is a massive money grab. First they give balances which should have been patches for the main game , then extra characters which should be dlc... I am dissapointed capcom

Avatar image for GunBladeHero

Finally I will be able to use V-dodge with Joe!

Avatar image for Frame_Dragger

Yeah... I'm not getting this... MvC3 was a lot of fun, and still is sometime, but I don't need this. Too many other good games I'll be playing to bother with a handful of new characters and balancing that only matters to those who play this 24/7.

Avatar image for derekhickok

The whining on here is getting a little old. First of all, a lot of you act as though Capcom has somehow screwed you over. You knew what you were buying when you spent $60 on Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Yeah, you got Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. You aren't losing anything, and aren't being cheated out of anything. To all those complaining that this should be DLC: yeah, Capcom sold a couple DLC characters for $5 apiece for the original. "Re-buying" the game for $40 is a much better deal than paying $60 dollars for these characters as DLC. Please quit whining. That is all.

Avatar image for Kungfu_Kenobi

This is a big reason I skipped MvC3. I knew a jazzed up re-issue at a lower price point wasn't far away. Looks like my patience paid off.

Avatar image for chrono_wind

Before anyone speaks, just note that this is also for competition purposes. These aren't even small tweaks like Madden did. When I first played SSF4: AE in the Arcades, my old style for E Honda had to change drastically due to his nerf. In the end, it actually made me a much better player. Say what you will, but these aren't small fixes that should be changed through a patch. It's pretty big.

Avatar image for genopreetyboyo

All the people complaining about lower Heath for phoenix, they should have tune the attact down.. I was online earlier today and got beaten with her after she turns to dark phoenix... And still bah a 3 man team.. I was online earlier today playing this.. And she defeats my hold team after x-factor, if I don't have ryu or dante I'm done for... I'm glad she got tweaked down but do do the Heath would have went with the attacks.. So phoenix play can atleast put together a strategy.. Instead of setting traps then disappear behind for a quick kill..

Avatar image for berzerk0912

I'll just wait for "Finally Completed and No More Suprises Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 3rd Strike".

Avatar image for TheArcade

Capcom will gain a new move, the ability to comprehend Megaman's popularity and include him in the game.

Avatar image for soulless4now

Why even lower health? That's one upgrade I just don't understand.

Avatar image for Crazyguy105

Good to see Cpt. America, Storm, Spidey and Morrigan getting buffed.

Avatar image for V-Mack

i like the captain america and the ruy part BUT phoenix will have EVEN lower health, sentinel will have EVEN lower health and AKUMA of all omg why would they drop his health even lower? akuma will be the new phoenix if they do that.... i hope they make ruy play VERY differently because there was only 1 combo people did with him online because the rest of them were impossible to perform. i wanna see Vergil and the iron fist's moves. Nemesis might be the new thor, hulk or she hulk.

Avatar image for noahmorrow07

O GOSH at first i thought capcom was just a bunch of cow milking fools, who rejected their fans......but i was sooo wrong! rocket racoon was leaked!!! o gosh i love you capcom!! i knew my tireless nights of petitioning for rocket raccoon would pay off! oooo and yes i will certainly pay for another remake of a game, capcom your the best!!...... large...amount of sarcasm....very large amounts.....

Avatar image for ABEzilla116

I don't know about everyone else here saying stupid crap like KaBo0m over here complaining about buying the game again for 40 bucks. Have you all forgotten the genesis and SNES era? they must have released Streetfighter 2 like a hundred times and now we cry because they are releasing $40 worth of content on a new disk (along with what was already included before) I find it easier than buying a crap load of xbox live points to download new characters, new stages, patches to balance characters, and a new online mode... I'm definitely buying this.

Avatar image for SMDoles

@Strydarr: Phoenix is a little overpowered (see Evo2011 final), so this is a welcome addition in my book.

Avatar image for Strydarr

I like the changes from the sound of it, except phoenix getting less health. She can die so fast as it is.

Avatar image for DeviLBringeRRR

Dante n Trish don't care for the others

Avatar image for Cartr1dgeBased

@Blue-Sky no they're not. you HAVE to buy (re-buy) the game. there's no dlc or updates like what they did with AE.

Avatar image for Enexs

phoenix even less health O.o know I think I can kill her with the taunt button besides that and some other changes they're almost all change for better

Avatar image for KaBo0m

You are an idiot if you just paid $60 for a near 6 month year old game You can get this game for $30

Avatar image for servb0ts

Capcom screws over paying customers again an again. Capcoms appology is a $40 dollar Upgrade.

Avatar image for Blue-Sky

The character changes will probably available through DLC.

Avatar image for llquicksilverll

So just like Street Fighter, Capcom treats the first few games as just beta tests. Its $60 for each version. This is becoming a joke... As much as i love these games, I wont be purchasing this one...

Avatar image for mikeyman2002

That's brilliant, bumpkin. But what do the people who already bought MvC3 already get out of this? I sure as hell ain't paying $40 for patches and updates to the game I already bought.

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