Evil Twin for DC and PC

Ubi Soft today announced a new 3D action-adventure title for the Dreamcast, PC, and "other formats."


Ubi Soft today announced the development of an older-themed 3D action-adventure Dreamcast and PC game called Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles. Set for a third-quarter 2000 release, Cyprien's Chronicles is being codeveloped by Ubi Soft and In Utero and is styled after fantasy films with visuals also borrowing from contemporary comics. Evil Twin tells the story of Cyprien, a ten-year-old orphan who awakens one day in a phantasmagoric world ruled by some dawdling enemy you will eventually encounter. You'll travel through the various environments searching for the various characters that'll push the plot along. During physical conflict, you'll morph into Super Cyprien and obtain new abilities. Ubi Soft CEO Yves Guillemot said, "Ubi Soft and In Utero are pooling their expertise in graphics, sound, and high-quality gameplay to develop new worlds and concepts. Ubi Soft wishes to provide genuine support for young talents, so they can give free rein to their creativity."

Ubi Soft's press release mentioned that the game will eventually ship to "other formats" but did not mention what systems this would be. GameSpot News will have more on Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles soon.

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