Evil Geniuses officially releases Kim 'Revival' Dong Hyun, Kim 'Oz' Hak Soo and Han 'aLive' Lee Seok.

EG have announced that they are officially releasing three of their five remaining Korean players.


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Evil Geniuses' Korean roster now only contains two players; Lee 'Jaedong' Jae Dong and Jin 'JYP' Young Park as the three recruits for the 2013 season of Proleague, Revival, Oz and aLive have been released from the organisation.

In the press-release provided with the annoucement, CEO of Evil Geniuses Alex Garfield motivated the team's course of action, claiming that their decision to not participate in Proleague 2014 was one of the cornerstones to the move.

Letting Oz, aLive, and Revival go was a very difficult decision for our organization, because we felt they were all playing well and doing a great job of representing our team. Ultimately, this decision came down to the fact that our initial recruitment of these players was specifically tied to our participation in Proleague. Given that we will not be part of the 2013-2014 season, it didn’t make sense for us to keep so many players on our Korean roster.

- Alex Garfield

The announcement doesn't come as all too much of a shock to the SC2 community as Team Liquid's Song 'HerO' Hyeon Deok revealed in an interview earlier today that the EG-TL coalition was over. Combined with both Revival and Oz changing their Twitter ID's as well as user pictures on the social media site made it seem quite likely that their time with the team had come to an end.

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