Evil Dead Regeneration E3 2005 Hands-On Report

We get a chance to take Ash for a spin in the new Evil Dead game on mobile.


It's no surprise that with a new Evil Dead movie in the works, an army of associated products will be emerging from the darkness as well. One such fix for Evil Dead fans, for whom the movie might not suffice (for shame!), is Evil Dead: Regeneration, the first action game of the series to hit mobile phones.

Evil Dead: Regeneration is a third-person over-the-shoulder rail shooter where you both navigate Ash through environments and shoot enemies. However, you'll have very little control over the situation, because all your movement is "on rails." Ash will automatically target and shoot for you, so your main concern is to weave back and forth through the obstacles that keep appearing in your path. Secondarily, you can choose to collect various pickups that drop along the way, which will presumably help you offensively, in addition to regenerating your health.

The mobile game ties in closely with the upcoming console version of the game, and it will feature the legendary Bruce Campbell's voice as Ash's. Although it hasn't been quite determined how the stories between the games will interrelate, it seems like working in accordance with the new movie is a worthy endeavor.

From what we saw of the game, it's both simplistic and addictive. The more use THQ gets from the license in this game will certainly benefit it, and we can't wait to see what Ash has gotten himself into when this game comes out around August of this year.

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