Evil Dead: Hail to the King E3 Hands-On

Can Bruce Campbell be witty enough to sell a video game version of his Evil Dead adventures? Check out our hands-on impressions.


There's really not much to say about Evil Dead. You play as Bruce Cambell's Ash character, and have to kill tons of classic Evil Dead monsters with your arm-chainsaw and sawed off shotgun. In the version I played there really wasn't much to do - you could move around two or three different areas and fight these never-ending strings of monsters. The problem is that most of the monsters are more annoying than threatening, and killing them is a real pain. I found it much easier to simply stroll away from them.

One of the cooler things was the taunt button. Pressing the taunt button makes Ash say one of his famous one-liners. While this isn't all that great, THQ said that enemies will react depending on how much you taunt them. Say enough threatening things and a monster might get more angry, but say it a few more times and it might run in fear.

Evil Dead is such a cult classic because of the movie's offbeat humor. The movie makes fun of itself, and is amazingly funny because of it. Unless THQ can somehow capture this humor I doubt the game will be worthy of the Evil Dead name. We'll just have to check up with it again when there's more to the game than just a few areas.

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