Everything You Need to Know About the Destiny Beta

We've been playing the Destiny beta, and here's all our coverage so far on this anticipated sci-fi shooter.



Select gamers around the world have been getting a taste of Bungie's upcoming shooter Destiny though the recently released beta, with PlayStation owners kicking off proceedings earlier this week and Xbox owners joining in later this month. If you're not one of the lucky ones playing the beta, then never fear--we've collated all our coverage in this one handy location to give you the full Destiny experience.

First up, we extensively played the beta in our livestream yesterday. Check out the full replay below.

And here's part two of our livestream.

If you're more interested in the three classes playable in Destiny, we've put together a handy guide for you here.

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If you just want to see the classes in action, we have video of that, too. Check out the Titan class below.

And below is the ever popular Warlock class dishing out some damage.

And finally, here's the Hunter in full glory.

Finally, want to know how the game compares on the PlayStation 4 versus the PlayStation 3? Check out our graphics comparison below.

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