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Everything You Need To Know About Myth Of Empires

For those looking to jump in and write their own legend in Early Access, we've got a rundown of everything you need to know about Myth of Empires.

Myth of Empires, the new large-scale multiplayer sandbox game from developer Angela Game, is now available on Steam Early Access. The Early Access version of the game represents around 70% of the content that will be available when the game has its full release, with all game progress carrying over at that time.

Player freedom and the fight to survive in its war-torn world are some of the tenets of Myth of Empires, as you build fortresses, lead armies into grand battles, siege enemy cities, and establish your own all-conquering empire on the path to power.

For those looking to jump in and write their own legend in Early Access, we've got a rundown of everything you need to know about Myth of Empires.

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A unique sandbox

One of the first things that stands out and separates Myth of Empires from other games of its ilk is its authentic setting. Myth of Empires takes place in the Ancient East as you're dropped into a vast 64 km2 open world and tasked with surviving against, not only human foes, but the natural elements as well. Realistic geography and landforms provide the foundations for this massive open world, while the diversity of its environments means you can go from traversing snow-capped mountaintops to trekking through a temperate forest over the course of a few hours. Rainforests, great plains, arid deserts, murky swamps, and lakes and rivers comprise the rest of the game world, and each unique biome features its own ecosystem of flora, fauna, wildlife, and mineral deposits.

Weather also plays a significant role as both a survival element and a way to immerse you in this world. Watching the sunrise over a verdant stretch of woodland might make for a picturesque moment, but the weather can quickly turn nasty as blizzards, sandstorms, lightning, and even toxic miasma pose a threat to your survival in this harsh environment.

Authentic crafting

Myth of Empires features over 1,200 crafting recipes for you to utilize in your bid to survive and gradually grow in power. Each one is authentic to the period in which the game is set, consisting of hunting and gathering tools, buildings, medicine, weapons, armor, and even wine. You can craft and then use various tools to chop down trees and gather resources from stones and minerals, then use these to create new weapons and armor, or construct a lavish fortress to house your army, workstations, and livestock.

There are more than one hundred types of close- and long-range weapons in Myth of Empires, including one- and two-handed swords, shields, staves, clubs, bows, crossbows, and many more. In addition to 13 core armor sets you can create with materials like wood, bronze, and leather, there are also 17 unique sets of armor, all with their own styles and special characteristics for you to craft. Protection from enemy weapons is key to living a long life, but armor can also save you from the environment by providing improved shelter against the world's inclement weather.

Food and medicine is another integral part of your survival as you attempt to stave off hunger and disease. You can hunt the local wildlife to gather food and additional materials, or feast from the land itself. Many animals can also be raised in captivity, giving you a steady stream of materials without you having to venture out into the wild. The procedure for cooking food and creating medicine closely resembles that of ancient times, too, adding another authentic element to Myth of Empires' diverse sandbox.

Building an army

Hundreds of fortresses, mines, and camps are scattered throughout the game world, each one occupied by hostile NPC factions. These enemy units have different appearances, armor, and lifestyles, and you can choose to engage them in all-out battle or try to enlist them into your own forces. Breaking bread won't always work, however, so conflict is sometimes your only recourse if you want to capture a location and claim its precious resources. NPCs themselves are included in this, as any you capture can then be recruited into your army.

With enough manpower behind you, these NPCs can be used as either followers, workers, or warriors. Each one has their own expertise and flaws, but you can aid their development by constructing warrior training grounds to improve your allies in battle.

While Myth of Empires initially starts you off on a PvE server, you can eventually switch over to PvP servers and cooperate or clash with other players. There's a guild system that allows you to either create or join a guild, letting you team up and share the workload of collecting materials, crafting items, and engaging in battle with friends. You can even form alliances with other guilds to expand your territories and attain mutual benefits.

Robust combat

When war does arrive on your doorstep, you'll find a robust combat system built upon realistic motion capture that makes every clash of steel and killing blow a visually appealing spectacle. Each weapon in Myth of Empires has been created to reflect the real-world advantages and disadvantages of these tools of war in ancient conflict. A multi-directional combat system has also been employed to ensure skirmishes are both dramatic and authentic, with 8-directional combat while on foot, and 4-directional combat while on horseback.

Large-scale battles allow you to deploy massive siege weapons in attack and defence, including ballistas, battering rams, catapults, oil throwers, and more. You can also control up to five NPC warriors during battle, who can assist in controlling siege equipment or fight alongside you on either foot or horseback.

County battles, meanwhile, are server-wide skirmishes that take place across two distinct stages. During the first stage you'll compete for control points, with the winner moving on to siege the enemy city as part of the second stage. Those on the attack can forge new alliances to aid them in battle through diplomacy or by temporarily setting aside their differences in the name of glory. Whoever emerges victorious will gain control over the county and reap the benefits of local resources and taxes.

In the saddle

Horses play a pivotal role in Myth of Empires. The elegant beasts can be captured and trained, but it's up to you whether they're more suitable as warhorses or workhorses. The latter are incredibly useful as they're able to transport goods in bulk by pulling carts, while warhorses give you an advantage in battle as you charge into the fray as part of an unstoppable cavalry force. The best horses can also be bred to produce offspring with new attributes, while bespoke armor and ability trees will aid you in mounted conflict.

Ready for battle? Head over to the Myth of Empires Steam page now!


With a wealth of activities to engage in and different ways to play--either alone or with friends--Myth of Empires could be the perfect game for those looking for a large-scale multiplayer sandbox experience.