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Everything You Need To Know About Hunt: Showdown's Alpha

Be vwery, vwery quiet.

Crytek's forthcoming PC horror game Hunt: Showdown is finally in alpha. We've taken some time with the PvP/PvE title to bring you the best tips and tricks on how to survive with both your hunters and the bounty intact. Make sure to check them out in the video above.

Hunt: Showdown has had a strange history, and it's evolved even from what was shown at E3 2017. The whole point of the game is to pair off into different teams, hunt down a monster, kill and banish it, collect the bounty, and get the heck out of dodge. The premise seems simple enough, but it's not quite as easy as it may sound.

Not only are there NPC enemies along the way to your bounty targets, but other teams of players are working toward the same goal. You can take them down too, but if you're not careful, they may wipe you out or whisk away the prize before you can. And note that if you do fall on the battlefield, you'll lose that specific hunter's progression progress permanently. Making it to the extraction point without the bounty still allows you to level up your hunter, so going after the bounty may not be a risk you have to take.

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The key to success is stealth. You'll want to make the least amount of noise as possible in game, and in communicating with your teammates. Guns, cattle, dogs, and the infected all make noise, and if you're trying to keep your plans on sabotaging the other team on the DL, you won't want to speak over voice chat leisurely. Proximity voice chat is on in this game, and the opposition will hear you if you're within range.

For even more on Hunt: Showdown and how to survive in the alpha build, check out the video above for all the tips and tricks we've got. The alpha is currently invite only, but sign-up is available on the official website. You can also take a look at our Hunt: Showdown alpha livestream.

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Hunt: Showdown

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