Everything We Learned From the Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain TGS 2014 Trailer

Here are all the new mechanics that Kojima Productions revealed during Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's TGS gameplay presentation.


Kojima Productions showed off a brand new gameplay walkthrough video for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at this year's Tokyo Game Show. It included a whole lot of new stuff: a brand new level, new weapons, new (ridiculous) items, new enemies, and an entirely new buddy support mechanic that means Snake doesn't have to a solo infiltrator anymore. There were quite a few small details revealed as well, so below is everything we learned from the footage.

Here we have a brand new location, on what looks like a different continent. It's likely somewhere in Africa, given its significance in the original Metal Gear plot, and further evidenced by the name of Snake's objective in this mission, "Lutwa Valley".

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Snake begins the mission shirtless, and appears to have the ability to call in different camouflage suits for different environments. These will affect his camouflage index percentage, however--unlike in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater--that percentage is no longer displayed on-screen. His new rock climbing abilities allow levels to exhibit greater verticality, and we also get a glimpse of an enemy chopper patrolling overhead.

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Some sort of sonar-like pulse allows Snake to identify nearby points of interest--potentially wildlife. We've already seen hostile wolves in a previous gameplay demo, and later on in this presentation we see docile wildlife moving through the environment. We probably won't be eating any of them, though.

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Guards now have their stats related to how well they'll perform at Mother Base in various tasks displayed next to them when scanned with binoculars. They appear to be able to have two specialities at once.

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Quiet is a support "buddy", and can be called in to specific drop points on the map. Once she has landed, Snake can direct her to take up position at other key vantage points. Her super jump and super speed allows her to reach places Snake can't. When Snake moves through the map, Quiet will automatically reposition to the most useful vantage point near him.

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Quiet won't shoot at enemies unless they have spotted Snake and are about to engage. Here, she shoots the helmet from a guard's head, allowing Snake to land an instant-KO tranquiliser round that would have otherwise ricocheted off the helmet.

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Here's a new dynamic weather effect--rain. We saw a sandstorm in Afghanistan, which greatly reduced visibility for both Snake and his enemies, but it's not clear what tangible effects rain will have on the game yet.

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A new enemy archetype looks like a soldier wearing heavy armour. Rather than waste bullets, Snake takes him out by deploying an inflatable decoy version of himself, using the inflation process to push the heavy guard off the cliff.

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First, Snake's prosthetic arm became the replacement for knocking on walls and distracting guards. Now, it also functions as a kind of stun prod. The arm needs to be charged up for a second before it can stun an enemy, and it looks as though it depletes a battery meter permanently. We're not sure if that means you'll need to procure new batteries on site to use it again, or if it simply recharges over time.

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Quiet can be ordered to aim at specific guards when they are not alerted. However, it appears as though other guards can notice her rifle's green laser sight. Snake thinks quickly and they are both taken down with synchronised shots.

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Another new enemy archetype is shown--a sniper with a red laser sight. This sniper is able to shoot down attempts at using the Fulton recovery system to capture guards, if it happens within his line of sight.

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We saw some basic destruction effects in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes by way of collapsing guard towers, but this wooden bridge's destruction bears more significant consequences as it cuts off a potential route through the map for both enemies and Snake himself.

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Here's a new grenade type--a petrol bomb. This plays into the new vegetation-rich environment, as the resulting fire will propagate by spreading to nearby plants and grass.

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The enemy chopper reappears! It's cannon is powerful enough to destroy certain pieces of cover. Currently, it's unclear whether consistent small-arms fire can take the chopper down, as could happen to your own chopper in Ground Zeroes.

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Explosives should do the trick, though! Quiet can be ordered to shoot Snake's grenade after it has been thrown, which ricochets into the chopper and detonates, taking it down. Impressive.

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ricochet nades? i'm in

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Is this for real?, amazing game!, Metal Gear is one of the most interesting action games all times! Regalos << LINK REMOVED >>

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that chick in the bikini just killed any chance of whatever immersion or credibility this game is trying to have

I see men and women in the army everyday and no one dresses like that on the battle field...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Its. Fictional.

You know. Like Batman.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> but can they become invisible?

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what i learned is that snake wouldn't give quiet proper clothing i guess hes a prev

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<< LINK REMOVED >> She can't say no

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The Star Wolf Dog in MGS5 is better looking then the one in Call of Duty which was rather weak..

Lets hope they haven't removed any features although.

The balloon thing is still giving weird and bad feelings about the game :(

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Same mechanic was in MGS Peace Walker and helped make the game slightly more addictive by recruiting more soldiers to your cause and help bringing up mother base.

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All this time I assumed she'd be a boss, the MGS5 equivalent of Sniper Wolf and The End. I'm not a huge fan of the recruitment gameplay introduced by the PSP games which MGS5 seems to have adopted.

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Something tells me this game will fail to meet the hype. Especially for fans of the series.

I don't see this as MGS to be honest. Looks commercialized and conformist to modern gaming trends with the metal gear brand name slapped on to it.

I know it's too early to judge, but I'm not liking what I'm seeing at all, and we've seen a lot so far.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Did you EVER played Ground Zeroes for God's Sake? As a Metal Gear fan, trust me: Metal Gear Solid V still have all of the MGS elements. Stealth gameplay? Check. A lot of guns and items? Check. Different ways/routes to clear a stage/mission? Check. Codec? Check. CQC? **** yeah, check. Camouflage? Check!

The gameplay is way better now, even without the "knock on the wall" thing - which is gonna be implemented on Phantom Pain anyway. You don't have to wait for Snake's animation to move; Snake can prone, crouch and run really smoothly. The AI works really fine to me, and the game on hard mode and without the reflex thing is really, really hard to beat. It is not a generic TPS game as you said, nor a "Far Cry 3 with a MGS mod"!

Apart from the story which we don't know yet, MGSV looks solid. Really solid! And I'm not even counting the buddy system, the mother base and all other new elements and gadgets (prosthetic arm, phantom cigar, active decoy, vehicle, etc).

After my experience with Ground Zeroe's gameplay, I'm 100% sure: TPP gonna be the BEST MGS game ever made.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I hope you're wrong, because i'm also kinda scared this game might end up like Watch Dogs, Sims 4 or even Destiny.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Has MGS always been this open? I liked the corridor style on MGS on PS1.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> It doesn't have to be corridor linear. A little more expansive than MGS 3 and 4 would have bode well with the next gen. Now I feel like playing a third person Far cry 3 with a MGS mod. It's sad to see the immersive story line and stealth genre get replaced with the sandbox infiltration gameplay that has been already beat to death for the past seven years. I'm not blaming Kojima on the redundancy, he seems to always have wanted a more dynamic take on the MGS series. But gamers have seen and done that countless times in all ways imaginable, the novelty has faded away, and I don't see how much value he will add for gamers through this one. Not much I suppose.

And let's not get into the Nintendo gameplay elements, fulton system? Supply drops? Currency? Really?

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Are there any silenced weapons in the game?

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And the best part, Snake isn't wearing that tight shiny suit which shows his asscrack in Ground Zeroes, that stuff was just awkward.

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No mention of DD? I already love him a million times more than Call of Duty Dog.

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Only game that is,not over-hyped, another master piece for Hideo, I thought that the downgrade in visuals could affect but the gameplay is still sick in a good way. The story will be as top notch as the ones in the previous games. There's no competition for MEtal Gear a game that's been developed for more than 5 years.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Couldn't agree more. MGS5 is gonna be amazing.

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This duo comprising Snake and Quiet is really exciting. Kojima i hope it's January or February 2015.

The best improvements concerning Snake's movements is his dash, just a strong, fast dash, it looks fantastic. Plus the small dive. It really brings more action to the game, imagine dashing from one cover to another then diving in to reach the cover before a search light spots you.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I hope that there will be more character to call in for support. Imagine how fun it would be if you team up with Ocelot and watch him ricochet his bullet. Man, that would be gold.

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I recommend Peace Walker on PS3. I tried it on PSP as well since I bought it when it came out for my friends birthday, and he brought it over so I could try it, but I didn't like it that much. When I got it on PS3, I still couldn't get into it, so if you're like me, it could take time to understand exactly how it's played, but it's worth getting through. The worst thing about it to me is having to grind to upgrade weapons, as I did it all in single player, and it just makes it easier to beat the bosses if you have powerful weapons.

Something else you should know is that you aren't done with the game until you do the Zadornov missions and fight Zeke. I think if you want the most out of the new games, yeah, you should definitely play Peace Walker since you'll get to know the characters. As for Portable Ops, nope, you don't have to play that, just watch the 'movie' on YouTube if you care.

I think unfortunately, the games length is pretty long due to the upgrading, so I felt like I wasted some time.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Just Peace Walker.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Doubtful, you could play it on PS3 because it got ported to that too as part of the HD Collection. Otherwise just look up a wiki.