Everything New In Apex Legends System Override Event: Deja Loot Mode, Octane Heirloom

The new Evo Shield looks really cool--hope it stays.


Apex Legends' next limited-time event, System Override, is now live and runs until March 17. System Override adds a brand-new mode, legendary cosmetics, and Octane's heirloom--which is really cool but also acts as a reminder of the character's sad backstory. Update 4.1 goes live alongside the start of the new mode, implementing several in-game adjustments such as changes to the inventory system to make Wattson less of a "must-have." Additionally, Bloodhound is getting an interesting buff that's designed to make the character less offensive and more recon-focused.

System Override's new limited-time mode is called Deja Loot. From March 3-9, it will take place on World's Edge and from March 10-17 it will send you to Season 2's Kings Canyon. The mode will see the same loot spawn in set locations, allowing you to know what you're going to find wherever you drop. If you find a fully-outfitted Triple-Take in Skull Town, that same Triple-Take will be there every time. The dropship path and ring locations will be the only aspect of the game that changes day-to-day.

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If you jump into Deja Loot, you'll discover a brand-new piece of armor as well: the Evo Shield. This body shield begins weaker than a common white body shield but grows stronger as you damage enemies--maxing out between an epic purple body shield and a legendary gold body shield. In a blog post, Respawn said that the Evo Shield is exclusive to Deja Loot for now, but the developer will consider permanently adding it to the main game based on player feedback.

It wouldn't be a collection event without loot and System Override Collection offers plenty of rare, epic, and legendary rewards to both earn and buy. Like Grand Soiree Arcade, System Override Collection will feature a Prize Track that will allow you to earn rewards by completing challenges during the event. There are also 24 themed, limited-time cosmetics that you can purchase through Apex Coins and Crafting Materials or unlocked via special Apex Packs. Nab all 24 and you'll earn Octane's heirloom: a butterfly knife that also acts as a Stim syringe.

When examining his heirloom, Octane will fidget with the knife, transform it into a syringe, and take a hit.
When examining his heirloom, Octane will fidget with the knife, transform it into a syringe, and take a hit.

And speaking of heirlooms, System Override Collection is making a change to how you earn them. Instead of randomly earning an heirloom from opening Apex Packs, you'll now earn heirloom shards. With shards, you can unlock whichever heirloom you want: Wraith, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Pathfinder, or (once the event is over and it's added to the heirloom pool), Octane. The shards have the same drop rate as the previous heirloom sets--so you will definitely earn enough by opening 500 Apex Packs. You'll just now have the choice of earning whichever one you want instead of relying on chance.

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