Every Mortal Kombat X Character Confirmed So Far

Plus, we round up all the rumored characters for this April's highly anticipated console and PC fighting game.

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The newest Mortal Kombat X trailer revealed a handful of new characters for the upcoming fighting game and teased that series veteran Mileena may join the roster. So we thought it was a fitting time to round up all confirmed (and rumored) characters so far.

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If you're not satisfied with the characters listed below, there is a strong likelihood that more will join the lineup down the road through DLC.

There are even rumors of Predator DLC...

Check out the lists below to see all the confirmed and rumored Mortal Kombat X characters. The game launches April 14 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Mortal Kombat X Confirmed Characters:

  • Baraka
  • Cassie Cage
  • D'Vorah
  • Ermac
  • Erron Black
  • Ferra & Torr
  • Goro (available by preorder)
  • Jacqueline Briggs
  • Jax
  • Johnny Cage
  • Kano
  • Kitana
  • Kotal Kahn
  • Kung Jin
  • Kuna Lao
  • Liu Kang
  • Mileena
  • Quan Chi
  • Raiden
  • Reptile
  • Scorpion
  • Shinnok
  • Sub-Zero
  • Takashi Takeda

Mortal Kombat X Rumored Characters:

  • Sindel
  • Rain

Mortal Kombat X DLC Characters:

  • Jason Voorhees
  • Predator
  • Tanya
  • Tremor

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