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Prophecy of Ro comes to pass for Sony Online's original MMOG, keys to the Kingdom of Sky on sale for its sequel.


EverQuest II
EverQuest: Prophecy of Ro

Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest and EverQuest II worlds expanded in tandem today, as the company released the Prophecy of Ro and Kingdom of Sky for its flagship massively multiplayer series. Both titles are shipping to retailers today, although impatient adventurers can already purchase and download them digitally.

EverQuest: Prophecy of Ro brings a new element of environmental interactivity to the long-running online role-playing game. Now, players can break down doors and demolish walls and other structures. The expansion adds more than 30 new missions, 25 unique creatures, seven zones, and six small instances to the game. It lets players set traps for each other and create magical spheres of influence, which alter the rules of the game.

The second expansion for EverQuest II: Kingdom of Sky adds an all-new-structured skill and ability achievement system, and it raises the level cap for adventurers and artisans to level 70 and guilds to level 50. It adds 10 new zones, 25 new monster types, and various new items. The title comes from the expansion's plot, which introduces the Overrealm, a realm of floating islands suspended at high altitudes. Kingdom of Sky also signals the introduction of player-versus-player combat to EverQuest II for all of the game's subscribers, whether they purchase the expansion or not.

Both expansions are available as a $26.99 download or a boxed retail version with an exclusive in-game item for $29.99. The retail edition of Prophecy of Ro gives players access to a warhorse mount in the game, while the retail edition of Kingdom of Sky comes with a poster-sized, full-color map; the full version of EverQuest II; and an in-game carnivorous plant that gives players items for feeding it.

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