EverQuest to get European versions

Ubi Soft and Sony Online Entertainment to launch localized versions and European service for EverQuest in November.


Ubi Soft and Sony Online Entertainment have today announced that European gamers will soon be able to enjoy localized versions of the online RPG EverQuest and its expansion packs through new European servers.

On November 21, Ubi Soft will launch two EverQuest products--each available in French, German, and English. EverQuest: Gold Edition is a compilation containing the original EverQuest , plus its three expansions, which include EverQuest , EverQuest , and EverQuest . Also launching on November 21 in Europe, exactly one month after it debuts in North America, is the eagerly awaited EverQuest expansion.

European gamers already enjoying EverQuest on European or US servers will be able to upgrade their existing accounts to play the European versions, although Ubi Soft can't currently confirm that characters will be transferable from the US servers to the new European servers. The different European versions of the games will not be compatible with each other, although the UK edition of The Planes of Power will be a dual version allowing players to choose between the UK and US servers.

"We are committed to meet the demands of our growing global community," said Cindy Armstrong, vice president of international operations at Sony Online Entertainment. "By working with leading companies like Ubi Soft, we continue to expand the reach of EverQuest and facilitate the growth of the European gaming community by offering a truly localized gaming experience."

Ubi Soft is currently looking for thousands of gamers to try the new European EverQuest servers before November 21. The beta test will start on October 21, and anyone wishing to participate should register at EQLoft.com before October 11.

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