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EverQuest: The Legacy of Ykesha coming next week

Sony Online will release the for-pay downloadable extension for EverQuest next week. New screens inside.


Sony Online has confirmed that EverQuest: The Legacy of Ykesha will be released next week, on February 24. The extension, which costs $17.99 for those who preorder and $21.99 after launch, will add a new playable race, new high-level zones, and a number of interface enhancements.

Many of the new features in the extension focus on new interface tools that should make certain game tasks much easier for serious EverQuest players. The Legacy of Ykesha has a new tool to make it easier to find other players who are looking for a group that meets certain conditions. An "NPC conversation journal" is a feature that automatically stores quest dialogue with nonplayer characters in a sortable format. There's a new cartography system available to anyone who owns the extension (no trade skill is required), but some areas may require special parchments to enable mapping there. A basic map of a zone is provided, and players can add their own details in other overlay layers. A guild management tool is intended to make it easier for guild members to stay in contact while playing EverQuest and to let guild leaders make public notes to coordinate activities.

The Legacy of Ykesha adds some new content as well, including new creatures, five new zones, and a playable race, the frogloks. More information on the extension can be found on the official site.

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