EverQuest Next Landmark dev diary shows off impressive building tools

The latest EverQuest Next Landmark developer diary shows off how players can build structures in the game.


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Sony Online Entertainment's latest EverQuest Next Landmark development diary video shows off some of the more advanced building tools players can use to create structures and augment their world.

In the video, Lead Building and UI Designer Jake Sones and Associate Producer Eric Smith demonstrate changes they've made over the past few months to the selection tool, line tool, and mirroring feature, allowing you to quickly and accurately build structures.

Answering questions from fans, they explained that you'll be able to build floating structures, that the team is currently working on letting you implement interactive props (doors, for example), and that the flying ability (which you'll unlock via progression) will only be possible within your "plot," not the entire game world. "That would just be too powerful and ruin the game experience," Sones said.

In case you missed the initial announcement, EverQuest Next Landmark is a massively multiplayer sandbox in which you get to use voxel brushes, smoothing brushes, and other vital tools to shape, sculpt, and sand the world as you like. These are the same tools the Everquest Next Team is using to build the next-generation Norrath.

EverQuest Next Landmark will hit alpha status on February 28, 2014 or sooner, and will reach closed beta status on March 31, 2014 or sooner. To find out more read our recent in-depth preview of EverQuest Next Landmark.

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