EverQuest Next Landmark alpha available now to owners of $60 Founder's Pack

You can get into the alpha for EverQuest Next Landmark now if you spend at least $60 on a Founder's Pack.


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You can now enter the EverQuest Next Landmark alpha if you buy one of the games Founder's Packs.

The alpha shows off only a small portion of what Sony Online Entertainment plans for the final release, but it does allow you to play with the impressive, voxel-based crafting system that let's you build almost anything you can imagine.

The cheapest way to get into the alpha is with the Explorer Pack, which costs $60. In addition to access, it will also get you a special outfit, more storage space for your items, a 10 percent resource gathering bonus, and all that comes with $20 Settler Pack. The Settler Pack will let you into the beta on March 31. The Trailblazer Pack, which sells for $100, will give you all of the above as well as a crafting bonus and four beta keys you can give to your friends.

SOE dropped the non-disclosure agreement for alpha participants only a few hours after it launched, so you can already find people streaming the game and talking about it.

Not surprisingly, many users reported stability issues and trouble logging in. As SOE president John Smedley explained on his twitter, it's been limiting access and creating artificially longer queues while SOE fixes server issues.

Smedley's and Director of Development for the EverQuest franchise David Georgeson's tweets for the past 48 hours give the impression that the team is working extra long hours to resolve the issues. Smedley said he sent one key employee home after 30 hours of work.

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