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EverQuest heads to Amsterdam

Sony opens a server in the Netherlands for its online role-playing game.


Sony Online has announced that it has launched a new server for EverQuest, its popular online role-playing game, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The new server will provide improved service for European players. Sony previously opened a server in the UK, and it now hosts more than 2,000 simultaneous players per day.

"Expanding our global online gaming community has been a top priority since day one," said Scott McDaniel, vice president of marketing for Sony Online. "Now with our international efforts to localize EverQuest, we can continue to expand the reach of the game and increase our player base worldwide."

EverQuest lets players create and play as a character in a persistent medieval fantasy world. The game was launched in 1999 and currently has more than 425,000 subscribers. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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