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EverQuest game cards available

Sony expands its online role-playing game subscription payment options for players who don't want to use a credit card.


Sony Online Entertainment has announced that its EverQuest game cards are now available at retailers throughout the US. The game cards let players pay for subscriptions to the popular online role-playing game without having to use a credit card. The cards are available in 90-day subscriptions for a retail price of $29.99. They can be purchased in stores or from Sony's online store.

EverQuest , which was developed by Verant Interactive, was first released in early 1999 and currently claims more than 410,000 subscribers. The game lets players create and play as a variety of different characters in a virtual fantasy world filled with magic, monsters, and thousands of other players. Players can complete quests and fight monsters in order to gain experience, which lets them further customize their characters.

Sony has released two expansions for the game, EverQuest and EverQuest . A compilation, 2812858EverQuest: Trilogy , was recently released as well. It contains the original EverQuest game along with the first two expansions. The game's third expansion, EverQuest , is scheduled for release this holiday season.

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