EverQuest Expansion Shots

We've got exclusive screenshots of Verant's Ruins of Kunark, the EverQuest expansion pack.


EverQuest is still as popular as it was the day it released, and it continues to mesmerize our editors at GameSpot. Judging from the number of people playing each night on the more than two dozen servers, it also continues to enthrall tens of thousands of gamers. Verant and Sony are hoping the popularity increases when they release the upcoming expansion pack: Ruins of Kunark.

We have three exclusive screenshots for Kunark, and they show off the new lizardman race and a few new monsters, such as the stegosaurus and undead drake. The expansion will provide 20 new zones, a new race, new monsters, and new items. All these additions will reside in the continent of Kunark, which is located south of Faydark, the home of the elves and dwarves. The graphics will also be enhanced.

The new race is called the Iksar, and it is an evil race of lizardmen. Other enhancements include a higher level limit, although Verant has made no commitment as to what the new level limit will be. At this point, the expansion is set for an April 24 release.

As we hear more about the game, we'll provide you with updates. And as soon as we get to visit the continent of Kunark in its beta form, we will bring you a comprehensive preview. Also, look out for the April issue of CGW, which will ship in early March and will feature exclusive information about the expansion.

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