EverQuest downloadable extension coming

Sony Online has additional content coming that is only available in a for-pay download called The Legacy of Ykesha.


There have been four retail expansion packs for EverQuest since early 2000, but the next major infusion of new content looks like it will come in a downloadable extension rather than in a boxed expansion. Sony Online has posted the first information on the upcoming extension, which is called The Legacy of Ykesha, on a new Web site.

The extension will include a new playable race, the frogloks. These froglike creatures have been long present in EverQuest as an AI monster, but they'll sport a new look when they debut as a playable race. There are many other features coming: expanded item capacity for banks, an enhanced tool for finding groups, a guild management tool, a built-in cartography system, a new item slot dedicated to charms, and the ability to customize a character's look with armor dyes. There's also new content in the works for the extension, including new spells, dozens of new monsters, and new zones targeted for characters at level 35 to 60.

As of today, EverQuest players can preorder The Legacy of Ykesha when they log in to the service. The extension will cost $17.99 to preorder and $21.99 after its release.

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