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EverQuest creators found new game studio

Former Verant members Brad McQuaid and Jeff Butler announce their new game development company.


Brad McQuaid and Jeff Butler, both of whom helped create Sony's popular online role-playing game EverQuest, have announced the formation of a new game development studio. While the studio does not yet have a name, its founders have revealed that the company's mission is to develop massively multiplayer online role-playing games. The studio is currently seeking additional funding and publishing agreements. McQuaid is the president and CEO of the new company, and Butler is the vice president.

"Ever since I played my first MUD, my passion has been to create strong massively multiplayer communities," McQuaid said. "With this venture, I can continue the terrific working relationship I have enjoyed with Jeff Butler while we realize our MMORPG ambitions. We believe we have just begun to explore the possibilities of this genre."

McQuaid was the codesigner of the original EverQuest, and he managed the development team from the beginning of the project until its launch in 1999. He then helped found Verant Interactive and served as its vice president until the company was acquired by Sony Online, at which time he served as vice president of premium games. He left Sony last October. Butler joined Verant in 1999 as customer service manager and then became a producer. He managed the teams that created the EverQuest expansions before leaving Sony in December.

We'll post more information about the new studio and its upcoming online role-playing game as it becomes available. For more information about EverQuest and its expansions, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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